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  • THE SUICIDE SQUAD- A team of super villains joint together under the authoritative control of Amanda Wills. The breaking news and cast photoshoot for the movie Suicide Squad was released few weeks back and the pictures of Jared Leto playing as THE JOKER in the movie, just gives a chill feeling though my spine. i have always been a Batman fan, i have read and collected all the batman series including the comics and animation and the series of Suicide Squad is a Mona Lisa painting in the DC comic history, if you have been watching the batman cartoons and reading the volumes, it would make you wonder always how does these villains whom Batman had caught so hard fighting and then taking them to prison are again roaming freely in the city, and planning for their next crime. well the mystery was solved with the creation of #THE SUICIDE SQUAD.The sole idea of making a team of highly dangerous villains work together and giving them highly risky black ops missions, which appears like there is no government direct involvement, but this squad is considered to be the assets of the U.S government. The plan is simple expecting the Super heroes to fight for the government is simply a no go scene because no superhero will work for the government, they fight injustices and want to make the world a better place, but the government wants is to involve itself in various activities and get information or other necessary subject matter which is impossible and also to have clean hand in front of the public henceforth the creation of Suicide Squad made their sole purpose simple and easy, these villains are made to their dirty work and the reward on completing the mission is their freedom from prison. The squad made their first appearance as Task Force X in the series of the Brave and the Bold volume 1 #25.

  • 2016 is considered to be big year for DC entertainment with two blockbuster releases "BATMAN V SUPERMAN: THE DAWN OF JUSTICES" and " THE SUICIDE SQUAD".


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