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So I took the fabulous 'can we guess what fandom you belong to' quiz. Test result: I'm a fan of superheroes (yeah I hadn't figured that out yet obviously *while wearing scarlet witch cosplay*) so I will now write about video games.

I don't play many video games, I have a league of legends account and I absolutely love the Legend of Zelda, but that's it. I do know a lot of people who play video games and I now some things about some games. I do actually like video games, even though I haven't played many. For example, I'd love to play Halo or assassins creed.

Back to the games I have played. It's mainly Legend of Zelda (except if you count the multiple mario and other ds games I played) I first played twilight princess when I was about 8, my dad bought it for himself but never played it. I didn't understand english at the time, so he had to translate everything for me. I then played phantom hourglass and spirit tracks on the ds. Later came Skyward sword, ocarina of time and majora's mask. Along the years I have played twilight princess the most. I've finished it about 6 times (which I think is a lot for a 15 year old). I'm a really big fan of the games ( have some posters and prints and triforces all over the place).

gotta love ghirahim
gotta love ghirahim

I think video games are awesome and after having played lego lord of the rings (not really sure if that counts though) all day for the contest I think I will start playing some more video games.

There are lots of awesome games out there for almost everyone, so I think that this quiz might just have made me a beginning gamer.


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