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Hello, my name is Akari. Akari Kekse. I had the good fortune to interview a ghost hunter who had visited innumerable terrific and haunted locations searching for paranormal evidence. He has thousands of anecdotes to tell and endless interesting and scary stories to share.

I introduce to you, Logan Guinn, Paranormal Psychologist.

I hope you enjoy it!

Logan Guinn
Logan Guinn

Akari Kekse: Hi Logan, is my pleasure to be here. Can you tell us about you?

Logan Guinn: For thirty years, I traveled the world helping the disembodied.

My psychology and behaviorist studies have led me to some fascinating truths about the Supernatural, Paranormal and even Cryptozoology.

My goal has never been to bring to the world evidence of their existence but instead, to help them move into the next transition.

I go where I am needed, and most of the time, I dedicate myself to the Local Stress center and to help mend the human condition.

Have you found anything during your investigations that you consider as truly inexplicable?

I have traveled to some really MAJOR hot spots. In one case, there were a series of manifestations. Voices, foot falls, thumps and even once an elder man in overalls stood in a doorway that really gave me the Heebie-Jeebies. I could not really explain the source and even to this day I felt more like it was a vortex of many minds and not just a single entity.

The photo images we captured were overexposed, the EVP's were Louder than Normal White noise and the Flir Camera malfunctioned. The history of the past families in the home were slim to almost no record of the hundred year old home and worse off . . . I was touched by a woman who asked me to just save her son. I mean touched as in she literally grabbed me and I heard the older woman's voice cry out. No one was there . . .

We found remains in the Artesian Well out by the dilapidated Barn. It was a child/teenage . . . Gender unknown.

I returned to the site last year, and not a PEEP. Nothing . . . as if the haunting was on mute or something. The equipment, cellphones and other battery operated devices still acted up on site . . .

Can you locate the orbs in this picture?
Can you locate the orbs in this picture?

Wow! That's amazing. The woman touching you must had been soooo creepy.

I have been grabbed by some oddities before . . . Chilly touch, firey fingers and scratches . . .but there was something . . . I dunno, different from her touch. It was like a woman desperate with an emotional "Feely Good" kind of touch . . .

Ever have a soul-mate gently run their fingers across your back or shoulders. . . goosebumps form ONLY in the region they are touching and yet the sensation is a full-body feel good?

That is what this felt like . . .

I have a few stories that'll either make you start a road trip or fear the location . . . Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Valley Station Kentucky . . .

What happened in there?

Waverly Hills Sanitorium is an old Tuberculosis Hospital that certainly has over a thousand lost souls within it's halls. In fact, it is so littered with the spirits, that it attracted a Harbinger "Reaper" entity. Soul eater . . .

Waverly Hills Sanitorium
Waverly Hills Sanitorium

I went to the site five years ago and spent the night, alone, no equipment in search of the entity itself. Tina Mattingly called me there to investigate the Entity . . . She said, "something is killing my children in the Halls."

She has some twenty young children that cough, laugh and still play there . . .I never knew what an Entity really was but i was face to face with it while in the famed "Death Tunnel" . . .

Waverly Hills Sanitorium Death Tunnel
Waverly Hills Sanitorium Death Tunnel

I can tell you, my mortality was tested.

So tell me, what do you think ghost are?

Imagine, if you will, this scenario . . .

Imagine loosing your car keys, feeling frantic as if someone's life depends on you being a certain place . . . you have this feeling of "Anxiety" and sense of urgency . . . yet you cannot recall WHERE the keys are . . . Frantic you search, but the more you search, the more confused you become. and then start to realize what the HELL are you looking for . . . You still feel that anxiety, but the reason is kind of forgotten . . . You struggle with this emotional breakdown and frantic more NOW about trying to remember what the Hell it was you were looking for . . . or WHY.

Suddenly, there is a KEY . . . a "Trigger" object that reminds you "KEYS!" I was looking for my KEYS . . . you have that sense of real life for a moment, but then you totally forgot WHY you were looking for the KEYS to begin with . . .

THIS, is what a GHOST experiences . . . in a constant loop . . . over and over . . . it is because they only have that INNER voice, that INSTINCT guiding them. They no longer have a brain to GUIDE them through MEMORY . . . to recall details and specifics . . . They are LOST in this moment of deep anxiety and Sense of urgency towards something they have no real memory of . . .

The residual "Self" energy . . . what actually gives you life . . . Life force . . . This spiritual energy is much as the aura seen from other living human beings . . . That energy, beyond death, remains for those who become "Unaware" of their deaths.

Do you believe in after-life? Hell, heaven, reincarnation?

Once a person becomes lost . . . it is difficult for them to comprehend that they have died.

Others, who are aware they are going to die . . . move to another Life. The Fetus of an unborn child . . . The movement a baby has within the mother is called the awakening . . . an awareness that becomes known moreso as the tunnel of Light.

Typically, I call it being reborn, as the world embraces you once again.

Our "Energy" can pass through matter, time, and even space . . But it is LIFE that binds this energy to the material world and our Inner Selves . . . return to life. BUT remember this . . .

The Brain is the center for Memory, so we are reborn unaware of the life we just left . . . HOWEVER, spiritual imprint or "TRIGGERS" still remain . . like having the feeling you ONCE did a profession once before . . . Take you for example . . .

You have ALWAYS been intrigued by the world around you, it has given you an insight . . . a gift to write . . . Perhaps the trigger for you was reporting the news or perhaps writing gossip styles or whatever . . . that profession stayed with you despite having the memory of it.

Sadly. . . and here is where it gets kind of ugly . . . There is a regional aspect to the life energy of our souls . . . Meaning if we are killed in another country . . . our souls go to the nearest mother to BE of that region . . .

Many of our soldiers killed in combat in Iraq. . . will be reborn as Isis members. They feel compelled to this "Calling of Allah" as they spiritually remember being a soldier. . .

So tell me, what do you think demons are?

Demons are sadly, those MEAN assed people who just LOVE chaos. . . they stir the hatred and build a life around killing, destroying . . . BULLY Spirits . . .

They LOVE the POWER they have and through their twisted evil Inner selves, they can imprint their energy upon anyone living.

They know they are dead and because they are so twisted . . . it is ONLY another EVIL person living who is pregnant and they can become reborn . . . On ocassion . . . these Dirty Souls . . . can invade a pure of heart and this is where the "Posession" terms come from.

So those ancient demons like Beelzebub were humans?

Many of these Dirty Souls have Babylonian names . . . they are the incarnates.

I believe the Harbingers were sent to CLEAN the realm of these dirty souls . . . and often get confused by the souls.


What are the Harbingers?

Harbingers are really new to me . . . But here is what I have learned . . . Thanks to the Waverly hills experience.

They are "Soul Eaters," energy vampires . . . they absorb the energy of . . . well, one of us. Typically they seem to be drawn to the Dirty Souls . . . but because these beings are blind . . . they can only FEEL the presence of the soul they come to claim . . .

As typical, a Dirty soul can invade or even surround a clean soul . . . and the harbinger devours the wrong one . . . Some see them as "Angels" . . .

Oh, I see, that' s amazing! This concept is new for me too.

They are quite majestic I am sure . . . But I can not "SEE" soul energy. I can Feel it's presence . . . but somehow, I am visible to Souls and I apparently appear as a Harbinger myself.

I tend to scare off souls . . .

My Mentor calls me, The Living "Harbinger."

Dirty Souls are the ones I seek out to flush . . . The clean souls I try to help trigger their memories and on occasion find a beautiful Soul in a mother to be . . . and coax the clean soul into her body . . . the reunion of life as immortal souls back to this realm is what I strive for . . .

Ghost hunting is typically best where a life was taken tragically . . . sudden . . . they linger.

So do you perform exorcisms?

In a way, exorcism yes . . . but without all the rites . . .

It is more like . . . I absorb the dirty soul and carry them off to some place . . . they can do little mischief . . . but, as I am learning more and more . . . I can devour that energy and add it to my own without fear of being tainted . . . although I do kind of consider myself a touch of Evil . . . but the world sees me as cool, and heroic . . . I blush and act all boyish then.

But exorcism is for me . . . a cleansing of a really BAD person who just wants to torment and Bully everyone with their new found power . . .

You could be the character of a movie . . .

Someone once called me Constantine and I giggled with flattery and said.

"I could . . . but i don't smoke."

I have written so many books, but in my crazy epic life of three hours sleep per day and seven days a week saving . . . well . . . situations for others . . . I just have not had time to publish them

I am a marriage counselor, a psychologist on call for Suicide prevention, I am a criminal behaviorist "Profiler" for extreme cases and abductions . . . I am a photographer, philosopher and Bushido Practitioner. So I stay really active and busy . . . Now that I do this Dark Wave radio show . . . it has allowed me to educate without publishing books so to speak . . .

But, my GIFT is also my curse . . .

My uhm . . . Significant other (s) have been haunted, attacked and once possessed. And it is kind of my fault . . . so no marriage and no IN home nesting girlfriends . . . So I have to sadly stay a tad isolated emotionally.

Somehow, spiritual energy just FINDS me . . . and other times, spirits guide people to me . . . at ODD hours.

I have gotten used to just down playing my role while in the dating scene . . . I tell them I am like a plummer . . .

So tell me, there are others like you? I mean, there exists this "underground" spirit world that people is unaware of?

My Mentor is an elder Druid, she has been my guide for 35 years . . . There are others out there and oddly a woman JUST hit me up last month and called me one of the Nephilim . . . She COULD see my SOUL.

I do gather with my haunt friends and ghost hunters, they come to me with case studies and I have mentored a few "Psychics" but as for meeting anyone who is like me . . . I could only wish.

I have so many questions to ask them . . .


In Ancient times (Biblical terms) The Nephilim were a race of Angels and humans mating. Their Offspring were these powerful and gifted GIANTS and Demi-gods . . . if you get into that sort of metaphor.

Any way, the Nephilim were the very reason GOD decided to flood the Earth . . . as a biblical story.

I found a lot of documentation in the Kaballah about the Nephilim, but DAMN that is a very Difficult Cypher to read as an accurate depiction of facts.

Some call them Annunaki, right?

I think the Annunaki were just the DIVINE ones . . . but I can see how they could have been construed as GODS.

Nephilim were flesh and blood . . . like Goliath and Sampson from the KJV.

Annuaki were the base of the group of Egyptian Gods, Godesses and early Babylonia religions of Druids and Kushites . . . which does fit into a lot of our discussion so far . . .

Do you believe in a God?

I sadly do not believe in the Almighty term . . . I feel there is a great AWARENESS that is a collective of many consciousness that is the living universe . . .

What this collective is, Knowledge and information that we can reach through spiritual enlightenment . . . to connect with it . . . as a oneness.

Yes, to be one, is what most religions talk about.

So I personally feel we as human beings feel the NEED to return to the oneness . . . and thus all the Religions form a united perspective of atonement . . .

So tell me, do you have a way for people with problems to contact you for help?

You can reach this Astral Guardian here at:

[email protected]

Thank you Logan, it was a fascinating interview and I wish you the best of luck!

"Life is a gift, Death is a transition to rebirth...But when that transition is halted, prevented or stalled. That's where I come in and help the unresolved issue get cleaned up and fixed. I am not here to put them on Television, I am here to help them find life again."

Logan Guinn.

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