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Behold, the Joker in all his glory! This photo was just released in a tweet by 'Suicide Squad' director David Ayer reading:

The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J! Squad @WarnerBrosEnt @DCCOMICS

Jared Leto, the lead singer for the rock group 30 Seconds To Mars, was announced to be playing the most recent iteration of the Joker back in December. Since then, fans of the DC Comic franchise knew that the studios were going in a different direction than Heath Ledger's portrayal in 'The Dark Knight'.

Jared Leto's apparence has been kept under wraps for quite some time, although a few in-progress pictures were released to the general public over time. The most notable of which was when Leto was missing from the Suicide Squad group cast photo, and they released this one:

Fans squealed with delight at both the green hair, and the homage paid directly paid to the comic version of the joker. Now, Ayer has taken it one step further with the release of Leto's character. What does this mean for the future of the Joker though? How drastically will he differ from 'The Dark Knight version'?

The Answer? Very!

There are a couple of very obvious physical changes between the two as you can see from the picture above. Leto's Joker seems to have done away with the white face paint and adopted the pale-skinned look. He also has the bright, neon, slicked-back hair that we know from the comics. While he still has the dark eye-shadow, there is one more major physical difference between Jokers.

The scars.

A major theme brought through during Ledger's reign as the Joker was his facial scars that continued to remain a mystery throughout the entire film. The scars brought about some of the most iconic Joker quotes that I still hear constantly up to this day, including "Why so serious?" and "Let's put a smile on that face!"

That being said, when you look at Leto's Joker, you don't see scars. What you do see however, is going to fundamentally impact the way we look at Joker for these upcoming films.

Pure. Insanity.

Isn't that what the Joker should be best known for anyways? As crazy as the Joker seemed in 'The Dark Knight', you could always tell that he was still in control. All of schemes were intricate and thought-out, even though he kept insisting to Dent that he wasn't one to make plans.

Sure he was the man who just wanted to watch the world burn, but he made his decisions knowingly. Jared Leto's Joker looks like he's going to bring that trademark insanity to the spotlight.

Look into those eyes in Leto's phot above. Look at his mouth. Look at that single purple glove grasping his bright-green scalp. Look at the plethora of tattoos inked all across his body, from the HAHAHAHAHA, to the big toothy grin on his arm, and especially to the small word on his forehead that reads "Damaged".

That "Damaged" should be what you pay attention to the most. The Joker isn't a villain like Loki, who has plot after plot after plot. This will be a villain to do things for the sake of doing them. This will be a villain that takes what he wants and destroys the rest. This is going to be a fresh new take.

I have a feeling that in Suicide Squad, we won't be hearing much about his backstory like we did in 'The Dark Knight'. We won't be hearing tales of his drunk abusive father who took a knife to his mother. We won't be hearing about his wife who can't stand the sight of him. All we will be hearing is complete and utter insanity.

This means much, much, more chaos.

Are you looking forward to Mr. J's new look? Do you think he will be able to surpass Ledger as the greatest Joker ever? Let me know in the comments, or become a Creator and write your own post about it!


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