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Playful Captainess of Spoilers is here, so below are 100 Useless Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoilers carefully written and extracted from her memories for all you curious, amazing souls to read. Exclusive on Moviepilot, enjoy!!


Thormenting Spoilers.

  • Thor has Mjölnir.
  • Thor can fly.
  • Thor has long hair.
  • Thor wears a red cape.
  • Thor is not careful.
  • Thor accidentally steps on LEGOs.
  • Thor tries to recall.
  • Thor only wants to make things right.
  • Thor is struck by lightning.
  • Thor's hammer is Thor's and only Thor's.

Several Other Things That Fly.

  • Car.
  • Cradle.
  • Tub.
  • Ship.

The Innocent Black Widow Spoilers.

  • Black Widow cannot fly.
  • Black Widow drinks alone.
  • Black Widow is in love with a dork.
  • Black Widow is thrown into a jail.
  • Black Widow knows how to ride.
  • Black Widow speed to assist Captain America.
  • Black Widow is not a slut or a whore.
  • Black Widow is loyal to one man.
  • Black Widow is Natasha Romanoff.

Fury Inducing Spoilers about Nick Fury.

  • Nick Fury has one eye.
  • Nick Fury wears eye patch.

Big Spoilers for Big Guy Hulk.

  • Hulk has hairy chest.
  • Hulk is not so happy.
  • Hulk gets punched a lot of times.
  • Hulk is angry.
  • Hulk can do high jumps.
  • Hulk spits at the stairs.
  • Hulk has powerful punches.
  • Hulk bites.
  • Hulk is big.
  • Hulk is green.
  • Hulk is Bruce Banner and Bruce Banner is Hulk.
  • Hulk rampage.
  • Hulk runs away.
  • Hulk calms down.
  • Hulk enjoy hot bath.
  • Hulk finish the hot water supply.

Bulls' eye Spoilers about Hawkeye.

  • Hawkeye has Little Hawkeyes.
  • Hawkeye doesn't need to look to aim and shoot.
  • Hawkeye also holds drumstick, other than bow and arrows.
  • Hawkeye is inspirational.
  • Hawkeye is Clint Barton.
  • Hawkeye has a double story safe house in the middle of no where.

Request for Zero Tony Stark Spoilers is DENIED.

  • Tony Stark is Ironman.
  • Tony Stark wants to save the world.
  • Tony Stark has Veronica.
  • Tony Stark has money.
  • Tony Stark has sportcars.
  • Tony Stark gets friendzoned.
  • Tony Stark has no girlfriend.
  • Tony Stark wears DJ Bruce Lee tee.
  • Tony Stark knows how to cut firewood.

J.A.R.V.I.S and S.P.O.I.L.E.R.S

  • J.A.R.V.I.S is a pilot.
  • J.A.R.V.I.S stands for Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.

Captain America meets Captainess Spoiler.

  • Captain America is the boss.
  • Captain America enters the lift.
  • Captain America has a shield.
  • Captain America uses his shield.
  • Captain America is clumsy.
  • Captain America drops his shield.
  • Captain America is better at cutting firewood, compared to Tony Stark.

Quick Spoilers for Quicksilver.

  • Quicksilver is very fast.
  • Quicksilver took too many bullets.
  • Quicksilver is very kind.
  • Quicksilver got a bullet in the biceps.
  • Quicksilver loves his sister very much.
  • Quicksilver has a little picture.
  • Quicksilver looks at the little picture.

Bewitching Spoilers for Scarlet Witch.

  • Scarlet Witch can control minds.
  • Scarlet Witch can create illusions.
  • Scarlet Witch gets an arrow in the head.
  • Scarlet Witch is very, very heartbroken...

No String Attached on Ultron Spoilers.

  • Ultron hates Tony Stark the most.
  • Ultron is on the Internet.
  • Ultron is free.
  • Ultron is disturbed.
  • Ultron has strings.
  • Ultron then has no string.
  • Ultron does not like human ways.
  • Ultron likes changes.
  • Ultron is quite polite.
  • Ultron apologizes sometimes.
  • Ultron does not like others.
  • Ultron likes to go to church.

More Awesome Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoilers.

  • Stan Lee attends Avengers' Victory Party.
  • Someone is playing Microsoft Solitaire.
  • Secret door exists.
  • Veronica is so strong.
  • Glass shatters every where.
  • Several women are stuck in their cars.
  • There is another person with cape.
  • There is one thousand year old liquor.

Statistics Spoilers.

  • Total number of kissing scenes: three.
  • Total number of trees: too many.
  • Total number of toast: two.
  • Total number of data: infinity.

That's all for 100 Useless Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoilers!


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