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Just the other day, a new look at the upcoming Suicide Squads Joker was revealed. Jared Leto as seen in the picture above has caused quite the stir with the online community. People are saying " it's nothing like Joker" or "Joker wouldn't have those tattoos" or my favorite "Jared Letos Joker looks like a emo band member"

Now I'll admit, I'm not exactly thrilled about this new look, but I think that's precisely why it works. Joker has become a household name. People know what to expect when they see the name or image of this iconic figure. This version of Joker just looks completely insane and not at all what I would expect. Which ultimately makes me feel a bit weird about him and even uncomfortable.

Thinking back on this after getting to sleep on it, I think it works perfectly. I have or know what to expect from the Joker but this picture made me feel like I had no idea what they were doing with the character. It just isn't the Joker that I expected but I think that's maybe the point. Of course only time and Jared performance will truly showcase how truly great this vision of the character is. As they saw though, bad press is still good press.

What are your thoughts on the new reveal?


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