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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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I usually go against these kind of articles nowadays, where we come up with wacky/crazy fan theories, but I'm going to keep this very short. Yesterday director David Ayer posted an image of Jared Leto as the Joker for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie on Twitter. Once the image was released the internet did not hesitate to voice their opinions immediately! Some of the reactions were good and while others weren't. Then you have some that are still on the fence about this new look.

Besides the image as a whole the most talked about thing in this image are the tattoos on Jared Leto's, Joker. Like I said some people like this look while others don't. Still, I'm not entirely sure if people read the caption that David Ayer wrote on the image:

" Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J!"

What am I trying to get at? I don't think (some) of those tattoos will be in the movie; instead they're in this photo to pay homage to the Joker. I honestly believe the whole point of this photo was to just spread the word about this movie and the villain... Get the people talking! Good or bad, DC is trying to sell some tickets with this "IN YOUR FACE" photograph. For starters the "Hahahahaha" tattoos will probably not be on him. This also includes the "Damaged" tattoo, and the smiling mouth tattoo on the outside forearm. For all I know none of them will be on his body.

A lot of the tattoos look drawn on (Especially the laughter tattoo. They're pretty smudged up)

We should all know by now that Jared Leto is a very eccentric character and he's a freaking rock star! The image seems like a combination of Jared Leto showing his rock star/wild side while paying tribute to the Joker hence the " Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J!" comment.


Hey, what do I know?


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