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Here is the first peek at the film Suspension!

Watch the Trailer below

Suspension synopsis:

A high school girl and her bullying peers are terrorized by an escaped psychotic killer who is more than meets the eye.

Tormented and teased at her high school, Emily Hanson’s only escape is in her drawing, disturbing sketches that depict a crazed killer on a bloody rampage. But these drawings are based on her dad and his massive killing spree, then he was chucked away in a mental institution where Emily's peers think she should also be, beside her father.

Emily’s only friend Carrie wishes Emily would just try to fit in, and there is a perfect opportunity for them to do that, Jason and Frank, part of the ‘in’ crowd, are having a party. But even if Emily wanted to go, she has to stay home and baby-sit her mute brother, Jeremy. Little does Emily know that she is in for a night of unrelenting terror and madness.

There are a couple of ways this movie could go. One that Emily is the killer and she has some kind of split personality, in which she is acting out what is going on in her mind because of problems that are going on in her life due to having to babysit and being left out all the time and her dad is a psycho. Two it's someone who has access to her personal drawings, maybe the 'boyfriend' we see in the Trailer? and he has some sort of motive to go on a killing spree. But then we have seen that before in 'Scream' so that would just suck; or three could her Daddy be back to haunt her?

What i would like it to be is none of the above and something that makes you shout "I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING"

What did you think of the Trailer? Let me know in the comments below and if you like this then check out my other post by clicking on the link below

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