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The kings of comedy are at it again. “Get Hard” is about the owner of a car wash Darnelle (Kevin Hart) helping wealthy investment bank manager James King (Will Ferrell) survive prison, for a crime he didn't commit. This is easily Ferrell's funniest since “Step Brothers”, but it isn't for everyone.

The story was definitely forced, and no performances (besides the leads) were anything special, but this movie focused on the comedy, and that only. Despite their differences, Hart and Ferrell have excellent on screen chemistry. This movie, very subtly, gave each comedian an equal amount of time to shine. While in one scene, Darnelle shows James how to act in the prison yard, in another scene we see James practicing trash talk. This trash talk practice by James was the absolute funniest scene of the movie, and had the whole theatre laughing uncontrollably. When I look back on “Get Hard”, i’ll remember this scene.

This film plays with racial and sexual stereotypes in a savvy way, and it is glorious. This was Hart’s best performance to date, and Ferrell wasn’t bad either.

James’ variety of cursing words and phrases really keeps this movie afloat, and catches viewers off guard at times.

“Get Hard” pushes the R rating it has, and shocked me numerous times. While yes, most comedies do these days, this movie pushes it to the edge, and then some. In one scene, Darnelle takes James to a gay restaurant of some sort, because the “the only way James will survive prison is by giving head”.

Overall, “Get Hard” is a hilariously politically incorrect fun time, with great leads from Hart and Ferrell. 3.5/5.


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