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avid movie, television and media junkie Bruce Jenner comes out of the closet on national television as transgendered....something the tabloids have been reporting for at least the last six months. Good for Bruce. The closet is no place to be.

And now I am seeing all these posts saying what a hero he is for doing this and inspiration to others to come forth and do the same. And again...that is all good and fine... be who you out and proud. That's what I say.

But really? Bruce Jenner? A hero for this? let's look at his motivations for making such a big production out of this. Yes...he was a great Olympic athlete and all but what has he been doing lately? That's right...selling his personal life out for reality television on the E! network.

And have you seen this show? It's like a train wreck. You don't really wanna look at it...but you kinda do...and you usually feel bad afterwards.

And from what I have seen of it...and I admit...I do peek from time to time...they always make Bruce out to be the buffoon of the family (well, in actuality, they're all buffoons, but Bruce, more often than not, was the butt of their so-called humor).

They make fun of this man (who, as of this, still refers to himself in the media as male) on a regular basis...and that is all good and fine with him because the money kept rolling in. But lately, for the past few seasons, the ratings for that show have been down. They needed a new hook to keep people tuning in.

And thus, comes the media circus of Bruce Jenner's great transformation into womanhood. And no sooner does he announce it publicly, the E! network announces that they are doing a special documentary series on his transformation this summer. And I am sure it will be a ratings blockbuster.

Which, I feel, is the main motivation for Bruce Jenner to come out...shameless self promotion. I am not saying that he isn't really a woman trapped in a man's body. I am saying, he's not really doing this to help anybody but himself and his already wealthy family.

He's no hero. He's just a guy. Or a girl.

There are plenty of other ways he could come out without making it a media bonanza. A simple statement without a multi-million dollar cable contract attached to it would have been much more of an inspiration.

When I think of all the closeted transgendered people who are frightened for their lives to just be who they makes me sick. He's not doing this for them. He doesn't care about them. How could he? He's way up in his ivory reality tv tower isolated from the real world and the struggles of real people.

I'm curious to see how the documentary and his reality show handle this transformation. Will they treat his journey with respect? Will they donate any of the profits they make from their endeavors to LGBT causes? I seriously doubt it.

I'm not writing this as some Christian Republican who finds the LGBT community and abomination. I'm writing this as an out and proud gay man who thinks our community deserves more respect than to have our existence mocked by yet another reality show.

It just makes me sad.


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