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“Avengers: Age of Ultron” looks to be this summer’s box office champion, and to continue the trend of successful Marvel movies. The director, Joss Whedon, has made a name for himself from his previous work; killing off one or more main characters that fans really cared about. I, like most people, think Avengers 2 will have at least one meaningful death.

In my opinion, Hulk has a great chance to die. Though most fans like myself wouldn’t necessarily want this to happen, it would hit us hard. Whedon has said that Hulk will be more of a real character in this installment, and trailers show that Bruce Banner and Black Widow have a possible romantic relationship brewing. Maybe somehow Hulk dies protecting Black widow from Ultron or a swarm of his minions, or he sacrifices himself to kill Ultron. Though somewhat predictable, this would sadden fans more than anything else in the MCU so far. And yes, even more than the end of “Iron Man 3”. I hate to say it, but Hulk’s death really wouldn’t affect the MCU future. While yes, we would all love to see him in every movie possible, he has no lead roles. Plus, Joss Whedon was told by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige that Hulk will never venture outside of an Avengers film again.

Another Possible death would be Thor. While this is highly unlikely, it could play out like this: Thor dies, presumably sacrificing himself to kill Ultron, and in the end, a girl somehow picks up Mjölnir and becomes the MCU’s next thor. Then, Stark uses a strand of Thor’s hair to build ragnarok. This would follow the comics, and offer a new female led Marvel movie, something severely lacking so far. While I definitely see this as a possibility, I don’t see Marvel doing it.

The third and most probable death I see happening is the death of Natasha Romanova, AKA Black Widow. Marvel wants to kill a fan favorite character, something Black Widow seems to be. Killing her would achieve the shock that the studio is trying to achieve. Some might argue that this won’t happen because she is virtually the only prominent woman in the MCU, but I have reasons to disagree. With the addition of Scarlet Witch, Marvel adds another main female character, this time with superpowers. While yes, Black Widow kicks major ass, there is only so much a character with no superpowers can do in a universe with the likes of Thanos and Ultron. Scarlet witch will act as basically the ‘replacement’ to Black Widow, and a better one at that.

Unlike previous films, whoever they kill in this, in my opinion, won’t be returning. This is a feat that Marvel has been criticized for in the past, and they will look to end that notion. A year ago Nick Fury was my frontrunner to die in Avengers 2, but then I saw “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Do you agree with my picks? Comment down below. Who do You think will die in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”?


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