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Pokemon is one of the most beloved and popular franchises of all time. Created in 1995 as a popular video game, it has spawned into a multimedia entertainment source, with a card game, manga, and anime to go along with it. It is the second highest grossing video game franchise of all time, and the question needs to be addressed, when will it get the live action cinematic experience it deserves? While i’d say most would argue the case of why Pokemon wouldn’t work on the big screen, I disagree.

This movie, if it were to happen, would have to go by a specific format to succeed. Each main series Pokemon game takes place on a region (similar to a country), and the protagonist (you) has to collect 8 gym badges. These gym badges show how strong the trainer is at using his Pokemon to fight. Once the trainer has collected all 8 badges, he or she must get to the elite 4 and champion. These are the 5 strongest trainers within that specific region. Usually with all this going on, there is some kind of ‘destroy the world’ dilemma going on with the legendary Pokemon and evil organization of that region. Also, the antagonist of the games are always your rival.

See, just by going from the games general plot and storyline, a film or series of films, could definitely come from it. I see one true problem with this movie’s potential, and that is that the main character has to be silent. They could not make him or her talk, it would infuriate the lifelong fans of the series, and it just would not feel right.

The way to make up for the silent protagonist is having a narrator throughout the film. Most movies don’t do this nowadays, but it could definitely work for this piece. It could provide a unique way of telling the story, and would be memorable.

The director would also be a key piece in making this movie work. The director would have to be a somewhat fan of the franchise, or at least know of the general background of the franchise. One of my biggest fears is that they would get some big name director just because people know the name, and he or she would completely mess it up.

With Pokemon having so many already memorable songs and soundtracks, this movie has the possibility to have a great score.

Pokemon has had many different plots from all the different games, so there would definitely be a good plot to work with.

If this movie were to happen, there is no doubt that it would make money. Just find a director who knows the franchise, keep the protagonist silent, and keep many of the key elements of Pokemon as they are, and it could work.


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