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Recently there was a video on youtube called "What if Man of Steel was IN COLOR?" by Videolabs. It soon spread like a wildfire on social networking sites and gained more than 1 million views within 4 days. Everyone shared and the liked the video for what they saw as restored color of the movie would have been better.

But here is the truth, the "original footage" that they showed in their video was actually desaturated and darkened. Some of the fans noticed it but most of the viewers went on a bandwagon ride agreeing Man of Steel was colorless. This act of faking the real content and displaying it as an actual content for views is truly unprofessional and cheap.

I didnt know Zebras were green
I didnt know Zebras were green

Apparently by the end of the video the uploader/Videolabs even warns the colorists of the movie Batman V Superman to leave some color. To this Larry Fong, the director of Photography of Batman V Superman responds on twitter.

Larry Fong on twitter
Larry Fong on twitter

Larry Fong finally posted this image on his twitter page as a sarcastic response to all the haters who wanted Man of Steel in color.

On the internet everyone acts like they are casting directors, cinematographers and directors. Atleast from now on I hope people would stop judging and leave it to directors who actually know about them.

I loved Man of Steel and I am super excited for Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice.


Do you think Avengers: Age of Ultron have the same color palette as Man of Steel?


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