Byshannon brown, writer at

If I STAY is a big hit on screens especially with teens

It's a book about a young love growing between two teenagers this love begins to take them down Rocky paths and damage their bond but never destroys their love and passion for each other

This movie is one of the best selling movies of 2014-2015 it's age group is pointed towards 12-18 year olds because first loves hit a soft and sentimental spot for teens ones who wish they still had theirs or ones who wish they have one .

It opens up a fantasy world it unlocks a gate into their creative side of their brain it unlocks emotions and makes them feel they characters pain as the film progresses on it makes them more compassionate towards people they like in hope that they will one day have a relationship with a bond as strong as the one on the film's but we do have to remember these are only film's but is a love like this possible ?


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