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Spiderman: Renew Your Vows, created by Dan Slott and Adam Kubert, will be released this summer. Slott has already stated that some elements from this comic will stick around for future Spiderman comics, so many fans are wondering what effects Renew Your Vows will have. Here are some of my theories.

1. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson may once again be married in the main Marvel universe.

Fans of Peter and MJ's marriage weren't happy with the decision to split up the couple in Spiderman: One More Day. It was bad enough to end the marriage but the events of One More Day completely erased the marriage from existence. Since then Peter has had relationships with other female characters and has an on and off again relationship with MJ. It seems Marvel doesn't want the couple to split up completely, but at the same time doesn't want their relationship to develop into anything serious. Maybe after Renew Your Vows Marvel will be open to allowing the two to be married again and if the two are married we might get a kid.

2. Peter will become a father.

In an alternate continuity Peter and MJ had a daughter named May Parker who in that universe took on the title of Spider-Girl. Many fans of Spider-Girl had hoped that eventually May would appear in the main universe, but just as Marvel didn't want Peter married they didn't want him being a father either, feeling it would age him too much. Peter and MJ were expecting a chid during the clone saga, but the child was stillborn (some debate that the child had survived but was just stolen). Maybe after Renew Your Vows we'll finally see Peter Parker being a dad, and hopefully see his kid follow in his foot steps.

Now that I have gotten all the positive effects out of the way let's look at some of the negative.

3. Peter Parker will never be married, have kids, and will be reverted back to a teenager.

I'm hoping Renew Your Vows will mean a change to how Marvel has been dealing with Peter's growth and development. However, it wouldn't be a shock if the whole point of Renew Your Vows was to show Spiderman fans why Peter shouldn't be married and have children. His life is too dangerous, he can't be Spiderman while taking care of a family, and whatever other poor excuse Marvel might come up with. Renew Your Vows could simply be Marvel telling us "enjoy seeing Peter married with a kid because after Secret Wars we're putting him back in high school and keeping him there for another decade!"

I really hope that this isn't what Marvel means by having this story made, but if it is I will no longer be a Spiderman fan, because how can we as readers get connected to a character who will never grow up? Who will never have relationships past the dating phase? Who will never know what it is like to be a parent? Who the creators want to keep in this never aging bubble?

Many fans of Spiderman loved his marriage to MJ and the prospect of him being a dad because they felt like they were growing up with Peter. It made fans who started reading Spiderman in high school who were married with children themselves feel even more connected to Peter because he was now currently in the same phase their lives were in. Yes, some fans would like for Peter to stay the same, but others would like to see him change and grow like they had to.

Marvel isn't lacking teenage characters for younger audiences to look up to, so why not let Peter be an adult for once?


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