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Well, David Ayer dropped this bomb on us a couple days ago, and the comic book world has exploded. Some have expressed a love for the gritty, new approach to the Clown Prince of Crime, while others are disappointed in the deviance from the class that the Joker has always had. Whatever the case may be, this is not your Nolan's Joker. Now, before I show you something that will calm your fears (assuming you're against the new look), let me break this one down a bit.

If you've seen any pics of the new Batsuit, this one is pretty obvious. You have a guy who's dealing with a 6'4" monster, who happens to have metal knuckles.

Nobody has teeth tougher than the Bat-knuckles.
Nobody has teeth tougher than the Bat-knuckles.

It would make perfect sense for the Joker to have a few fillings, and, why not go bright and shiny?

Now, I notice several scars on his face, all likely from encounters with the Bat, and all those times where the Joker "died". We have to remember that this is not going to be an origin for the Joker. By Suicide Squad, he'll have been in the universe for a while, as will Batman. He's going to be beat up a bit.

Now, in regards to the "Damaged" tattoo, This looks like one of those things that someone with "artistic taste" (pardon my sarcastic quotations) decided to throw in. While Jason Momoa had his own tattoos incorporated into the costume/look, I'm pretty sure that all of these were drawn on. And whereas Momoa's look was cool, this comes across as more a photo-shoot deal than a screen look.

That being said, The insane appearance, and everything but the tattoos looks amazing. Even with them, they add a level of crazy that we've not really seen on-screen before. Sure, he might look like a crack addict, but, it's new, it's fresh, and it might be crazy enough to work.


Straightjacket? Snazzy outfit? Both?
Straightjacket? Snazzy outfit? Both?

Here we have what is supposedly a shot onset for Suicide Squad (2016). If this is real, as I believe it is, does the Joker have a tattoo on his forehead? I don't see one, do you? I can't speak for the rest of his body, because thankfully, it's clothed in this shot.

What do I think? I think that this is just a bit of a tease at the character, and an interesting homage to the 75 years of the Joker. Do I think that he'll have writing all over his face? No, not at all. I hope that they go with a classier, more comic-book style look, but, in the end, what matters is the performance. If the performance is amazing, then no one will remember the odd tattoos. If Jared Leto stinks, then we can slam David and the rest for the horrible take on the Joker. Until then, let's just see what happens.


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