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As both Arrow and Flash begin to reach their finales and the rumors for the upcoming Arrow/Flash spin off show continue to build I thought I'd give some ideas on how to bring in [a] Batman and [a] Superman since the actual characters are off limits.

Easter egg for Bruce Wayne's involvement
Easter egg for Bruce Wayne's involvement

The easter egg hinting Batman possibly having a role in the show got many fans, including myself, extremely exited. Fans began speculating how might he be introduced ,but this event is now nine years away and although Wayne Tech is now confirmed, Geoff Johns made it painfully clear that both Batman and Superman would not be joining Arrow and Flash.

"You'll see a lot of DC universe characters [on The Flash and Arrow ]. You won't see Batman or Superman. We're on production on now. So you'll see characters like The Atom or Firestorm, but no not Batman or Superman right now [on TV].It's a separate universe than film so that the filmmakers can tell the story that's best for film."

Now here's the good part, the "Batman and Superman" that aren't off limits: Midnighter and Apollo. They aren't exactly Batman and Superman ,but they are an analogue for our World's Finest and are about as close to the originals as possible with a twist- they're a couple.

Apollo (left) and Midnighter (right)
Apollo (left) and Midnighter (right)

-Why they are a good fit for the roles:

As I said above, they are analogues which is pretty close. Midnighter is a gritty vigilante like Batman and unlike the Caped Crusader, he is completely okay with killing his opponents. Besides being homosexual, the other notable difference is his bio-engineering. These include enhanced strength, agility, and a healing factor. His most effective ability is his neural enhancements that allow him to predict his opponents move before they attack him. This ability has extended to being able to predict the outcome of battles before they start. Apollo's major tie to Superman is that his powers come from the sun's radiation. Some of his powers include flight, invulnerability, super speed, super strength, energy projection, and enhanced senses. These are all comparable in power to that of Superman. Like Midnighter he is okay with killing so having a show with two lead heroes that kill could lead it to become the darker DC tv show and allow Arrow to become more comical as many fans hope it will become.

-Why it's a good idea on DC's part:

Right now there is no gay male superheroes in live action. The only lesbian superhero is Sarah Lance who had been killed but will return in the Arrow/Flash spin off show. Although she is a fan favorite, she is only a supporting character so for DC to not only bring the first homosexual male superhero couple but to make them the leads of a World's Finest type of duo show would create major good publicity for DC Entertainment and will ultimately open the door to an audience that Marvel has thus far not touched. Also, since Midnighter's appearance in the Grayson comic series, he has acquired many new fans and attention and is even getting his own series in June so if there is ever a good time to get him into live action now is the time.

Midnighter in Grayson #6
Midnighter in Grayson #6

How to do a Flashpoint/Crisis event in DC tv universe

Ever since a world changing event causing the Flash to disappear was shown to eventually happen in Flash (shown below), us fans have been buzzing about what this event with "red skies" and dubbed "crisis" could be. This is my plan/hope of what this event might hold. As you might have guessed, this would require the inclusion of Midnighter and Apollo.

Newspaper from the future in The Flash
Newspaper from the future in The Flash

First of all I'd like to set up the who's who in the event. The event's characters would be based off Flashpoint.

  • Flash
  • Reverse Flash
  • Thomas Wayne - Midnighter
  • Wonder Woman/Amazons - Hawkgirl/Thanagarian colony
  • Aquaman/Atlantian army - Oliver Queen/League of Assassins
  • Cyborg - The Atom
  • Captain Atom - Firestorm
  • Shazam kids - Rip Hunter and (Jay Jackson?)
  • Cyborg's team - Suicide Squad
  • Enchantress - Killer Frost
  • The Resistance - Slade Wilson, Vibe, Plastique, various villians
  • Louis Lane - Iris West


It would begin like Flashpoint; Flash waking up without powers in a world at war. He would soon find that whatever changed in the past caused a merge of planets currently finishing it's process. The merge would have already caused destruction world wide which led Oliver Queen (who in the change had been found by the League of Assassins with Sarah and took Ra's place after leaving the island) to go to war with Hawkgirl (who, in the change, had been and anarchist due to being experimented on and became united with a Thanagarian colony that had been living on the other Earth) over who would dominate this new planet Earth. The scene would change to the arrival Midnighter and Apollo where they are attacked by the League who made a weapon that could harvest Firestorm's nuclear power. The League weakens Apollo so when they escape to the U.S. he is captured by A.R.G.U.S. who hopes to turn him into a weapon similar to Firestorm. Midnighter escapes which leads him to search for Ray and Barry. After his mother tells him what's happened to the world, Barry recreates the scenario that gave him his powers in order to gain his speed back then searches for Caitlin and Cisco but finds The Atom accompanied by Midnighter instead. Midnighter explains that during the merge Felicity had been transported to his Earth and had found information that led her to believe that he and Apollo were their planets heroes and sent them to find Ray to plan a way to stop the merge (due to the change she no longer knows Barry and Oliver). They leave to save Apollo and once they free him they realize A.R.G.U.S. has wiped his memory and he flies off. Now that they have lost their big gun, Ray brings in his secret team he assembled with Amanda Waller, the Suicide Squad. They are then approached by Killer Frost who claims that the Thanagarians are going to be attacked by the League in a final showdown and that it's there last chance to strike. Ray contacts the journalist, Iris, he sent to gather information on the Thanagarians to confirm this. When she gives the word the team sets out to end the conflict. The team arrives at the battle and begins battling both the Thanagaians and the League then the Resistance comes to their aid. When the Atom targets Oliver (who is fighting Hawgirl armed to the teeth with Nth metal, literally) he is frozen solid by Killer Frost revealing her partnership with the League and kills members of the Squad as well. She then tries to kill Midnigter when Apollo disintegrates her showing some memories have returned. (Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor) then appears (via boom-tube for Darkseid) and attacks all sides of the battle stating their world has ended/is his. While the rest battle (Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor), Flash is confronted by Thawne. Thawne reveals that he had went back in time to stop Barry's mother from dying so that Barry would never become the Flash and that the future Barry had died trying to stop him and claimed that because of this Barry had already failed and caused the destruction of two planets. While gloating, Thawne is shot from behind by Oliver with his Bow and Arrow. Oliver tells Barry that if what Thawne said is true, he can save them all. (Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor) having killed almost all his opponents begins destroying the planet so Oliver yells at Barry to run and he goes to the past to stop Thawne from saving his mother (oh the feels). The story ends with Barry explaining everything that had happened to Green Arrow then they part ways.

Cover for Flashpoint #1
Cover for Flashpoint #1

Tell me what you think about the story in the comment section.


Do you think Midnighter and Apollo should join the Arrow/Flashverse in Batman and Superman's place?


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