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A lucky few have seen Avengers Age of Ultron, but for most of us we're waiting until the global release to watch it, and the wonderful thing about these movies is that they don't just engage the comic book nerds like myself they bring in millions of people, most of who have never picked up a comic book.

For those like me who love the comics I'm sure you'll be attending the movie or discussing the movie with non comic people and this article is for them! Share this with them to help prepare them to be introduced to these four wonderful new characters.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

In the comics the mutant twins were originally just merely lackys of their father mutant Magneto inside his Brotherhood. After a few skirmishes with the X-Men the twins leave the terrorist group and eventually join the Avengers when they're needing new members. They reform and become some of the good guys, along with former villain Hawkeye, and become the second generation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Even when Magneto attempts to give birth to his New Brotherhood Wanda and Pietro turn against him realizing their father to be the true villain.

Scarlet Witch

Joining up with the Avengers Wanda became close with several of her teammates to her brothers disapproval, leaving him on the outside within the team. She became close friends with Hawkeye and even married the android Vision. Wanda became a great addition to the heroes team, and with her reality altering powers, and her hex bolts (or chaos magic) are basically shots of red energy she can throw around she helped the team get out of quite a few huge scrapes.
With her reality warping powers she can alter tiny things in probability and also the entire world around her thoughts and dreams. She created children for her and her android husband because they (obviously) couldn't have them naturally. She even changed the entire planet into a mutant utopia where the human race was a dying population in the miniseries House of M, which she eventually changed back and took the mutant population down from millions to a couple hundred, an endangered and hunted species.


Quicksilver's super speed was especially helpful in many Avengers missions and while he was active on the team he was quite an asset.
He becomes strongly integrated into the nation of the Inhumans, a genetically enhanced superhuman community that was originally created by the alien race the Kree, and since the Kree and Inhumans are both slowly making their way into the Marvel Universe through the television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. it'll be exciting to see what kind of a role Quicksilver will play in their storylines. Pietro even marries their King's daughter Crystal and has a child with her.
He and his sister have also recently learned that their entire lives have been more mysterious than they thought. Magneto is not in fact their father. It's most likely that they are Inhumans themselves. I believe this will transfer into the film as well, these two could very easily end up being Inhumans preparing the shared universe for 2019's Inhumans film.

The Vision

The android Vision's first appearance in the comics was back in 1968. He was created by the villain Ultron to destroy the Avengers. As an attack of hatred and defiance against the Avengers (that his Vision was destined to destroy) Ultron used the then deceased hero Wonder-Man's mind and memories to create his protege, which in the end was what made Vision turn on his master.

Vision's powers in the comics include: density control which makes himself heavier and lighter, and allows him to pass through walls and other solid objects, flight, regeneration, superhuman strength and durability, and technopathy so he can control any other tech.

Eventually it was Vision who destroyed his master Ultron after the Avengers convinced him to side with them, and Wonder-Man's meories of his teammates started coming to the surface. Vision is very much like Data from Star Trek trying to learn about human emotion and making awkward comments on human nature and emotion.

In the movie he'll be played by actor Paul Bettany who has previously voiced Stark's automated J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). It is assumed that in the movie Ultron steals J.A.R.V.I.S. and uses him as a base for Vision.


We all know from the amazing trailers that Ultron will be the big main antagonist in the film, and in the film's trailer (and confirmed by director Joss Whedon and producer Kevin Feige) it's hinted that Tony Stark is actually the creator of the murderous robot. What you may not know is that in comics he was actually created by Avenger Ant-Man, who won't be appearing in this film.

Ultron first appeared leading a team of villains called the Masters of Evil against the Avengers, and although he had been created by Ant-Man he had erased Pym's memories of the robot so Pym didn't recognize him. Ultron had upgraded his body and software several times, now calling himself Ultron Six, his latest upgrades included an adamantium body (which you remember is what Wolverine's claws are made of).

Each time Ultron is seemingly destroyed it turns out he's created a backup of himself and hidden it somewhere. The "backup" will come back stronger and more determined than before. Ultron hates his creator and wishes to destroy all of humanity. Each incarnation of the robot (there have now been over 20) has different reasons and different goals, he is often seen teaming up with several other villains and creating new incarnations of the Masters of Evil, which potentially helps leave the ending of this character open in the movie to see him lead a team of villains against the Avengers post Infinity War in 2019.

Well there you go, a basic breakdown of our four new characters. There is no doubt that each will play a large part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future. We'll probably see Vision pop up here and there in the future, probably in Captain America: Civil War. It would make sense to see the Scarlet Witch show up in Doctor Strange as he is one of the heroes who helps train her to use her magics.

I am super stoked for this movie, and I hope this helps all you non comic book lovers out there! Hopefully this helps you from whispering questions to your comic book friends throughout the movie! Enjoy the film, and let's make it an opening weekend box office record!


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