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Actors can be so different in life from the characters they portray on-screen. In other words, some can be gigantic douchebaguettes. They might be able to earn empathy in a role, but offstage they are barely even likeable.

Conversely, there are those thespians who can't seem to turn in a worthy performance to save their life, yet who have an air of genuine-ness and come off as decent people outside of the limelight.

Both sets of male leads can become obsessed with the characters they play and start to believe that pieces of them exist within their own psyche. Thus the unhinged idiocy can happen…but also the desire to do good.

3 Actors Who Are Good at Acting but Bad Role Models:

- Bruce Willis: He's captivated audiences in every single one of the 5 Die Hard movies (kidding past 3 of course). He's done supporting character work and leading man puffery. Basically, he's got the track record and the chops to stand up to anyone in the film game. So why is he such a dick in real-life? Seemingly arrogant, aloof, and selfish…the bald smugpin does not make it easy to root for him as he plays himself.

- Leo DiCaprio: While he mesmerizes on the screen in a long string of Scorsese flicks, plus a few other joints…the person in the real world leaves "a lot to be desired." He just seems like someone you wouldn't want to be around…other than to get the runoff of models and bottles, of course. Maybe he cares about the environment but he has the air of someone who thinks they are too good for everyone else. And unfortunately, in this economic climate, he's right.

- Hugh Grant: Haha I know, he sucks on-screen. Why put him in the category of "good" actors? Because he's fuckin' English! And they study over there. No really, he was considered a quality rom-com leading man and beyond at one time. Ladies loved him because he was just so cute and relatable. Between the tranny bust and being the only guest ever banned from returning to the Daily Show, Hugh just doesn't seem like somebody you want to bring around the kids.

3 Actors Who Are Bad at Acting but have Decent Character

- Ben Affleck: Yes, I know I slammed him in an article about why he will suck as Batman, but I still admire the guy. He doesn't convince in his acting, but seems like an intelligent and thoughtful gent in real life. Maybe that's why they chose him for the Bats role: there's more to him underneath the surface. We may see him as president or some other leading political figure one day.

- Keanu Reeves: While most agree that his performances are stilted and wooden, Keanu is known as as guy with a lot of heart. He learns kung-fu for his roles, pays off his FX team, and treats people with respect!

- Seth Rogen: While he may be a one-note comedic actor in the movies, real-life Rogen is driven and accomplished. As a writer and producer he has spearheaded a good amount of quality material, and he has made himself an acting star despite very limited range. Gotta respect a guy who makes it happen despite lack of natural ability.


- Tom Cruise: He's starred in some of the most crowd-pleasing sagas in film history, but TC is always tainted by semi-scandal off-stage. He seems like a guy who wants to do good for the world, and has even pulled people from car wrecks, but the taint of Scientology and his devotion to it keeps him at bay from the public. So instead of becoming a beloved secular icon, he remains a figure of controversy.

What do you think about these picks, Pilot Nation?


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