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Cyclops is a very complex and compelling character with many layers to him in the comics, he is a very important character in X-Men lore so here is a small list portraying why Cyclops should play a bigger role in the X-Men movie franchise.

1. He was the First X-Men, a team he also leads in battle

2. He is figuratively Professor Xavier's son

3. His little brother Havok becomes an Avenger

4. He marries Jean Grey, the Phoenix

5. His father Corsair, is a Space Pirate

6. He reforms and dates Emma Frost, the White Queen

7. Cyclops becomes a strong foil for The Wolverine

8. His son is the time traveler known as Cable

9. He fights for all mutants & is the face of the Mutant Revolution

10. Had both Emma Frost and Magneto join his X-Men

BONUS. He Kills Xavier... using the Phoenix Force


Should Cyclops have a bigger role in the X-Men movies?


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