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Okay so if you're all caught up on AMC's The Walking Dead, you've met the creep show duo that call themselves "The Wolves". You've also seen some of what they're capable of including the setting of intricate walker traps, the murder of an an innocent man, and the destruction of Noah's neighborhood. What else are they up to? Well, thankfully I have some NEW information behinf their walker traps curtsey of and Greg Nicotero himself!

In an interview with them, Nicotero reveals several interesting details about the upcoming 6th season of the hit show. However, one thing he says in particular caught my eye.

However, we did get some more information about the Wolves and the threat they pose to Alexandria. Nicotero reveals that the group are using humans as bait in a bid to create a "zombie army".

Don't believe me? Watch the full interview for yourself below!

For my breakdown of this information in pertains to what we can expect in Season 6, watch this video:


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