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Hi, fans I'm back!

I just now took the fandom quiz, to which my answers concluded I was a TV fanatic. I was then instructed to write a Horror Related article. This was just the kick I needed to write up a Fancast for one of the most important characters of my life. This character is Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and he nearly ruined my childhood by being, well, scary. Recently, however, I felt compelled to try to overcome my fear and read the book on which the TV miniseries was based on. So far, so good. I love the book, and I've been able to sleep sans a nightlight in recent memory. I conclude that it is my love/hate relationship with this character that has urged me to compose this piece for my collection.

It will truly be hard to find one, let alone five, worthy actors to succeed Tim Curry in his portrayal of the child-hungry clown. But, if it could be done numerous times with The Joker (coincidentally, another clown), then I believe it can be done with Stephen King's most nightmarish creation.

Now, to start off the list:

1. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is one of the better actors alive right now. He has shown amazing villainy and superb acting skills in House of Cards. On top of that, he's shown his fun side by taking part in such films as Horrible Bosses and Superman Returns. With his undeniable skills, I believe that Kevin Spacey could really nail this role.

2. Bill Hader

Many of you may want to stop reading at this point, but I beg that you hear me out. Bill Hader is hilarious, we all know this. But, I believe that Hader has the talent and skill to transcend the boundaries that society likes to place on the funny guy, and instead let him use his powers of hilarity to accent a portrayal such as Pennywise. It is entirely possible that Bill Hader would shine in such a role.

3. Christian Bale

Christian Bale is so great. A truly amazing actor. I personally believe that he is at the top of the ladder when it comes to method acting. How great would it be if he put back on his American Hustle weight and some white makeup? I'll tell you. It would be unbelievably awesome. Christian Bale would have no trouble putting on a creepy face for this role.

4. Steve Buscemi

Did you really think I could leave out Steve Buscemi? Well, maybe you did. Regardless, Buscemi would kick butt in this role. He has already built up a reputation of being creepy. There would be no complaints on my part if Buscemi put on a clown suit and a red wig for this movie.

5. Michael C. Hall

This is my personal favorite choice for this role. After watching Dexter in it's entirety and seeing Hall in a few other roles, I am almost certain he has got this one in the bag. Michael C. Hall is so immensely cool and talented! I can already feel the chills and intense horror. He would truly master this role and successfully scare the crap out of any viewer. That is why Hall would be perfect for this role.


Who would you chose to play Pennywise?

Thanks for reading, folks! Hope you enjoyed!


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