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So it happens to be the 75th anniversary of when the Clown Prince of Crime made his first appearance in the comic book world... and the world has never been the same. And what better way to commemorate his legacy than with a joke?

Wait'll they get a load of me.
Wait'll they get a load of me.

And it's not just any joke is it? It is one that was sure to ruffle the entire internet's feathers. Just look at how much people are talking about that image. Everyone is battling furiously either in favor of or opposing the new look. What an incredible maneuver by David Ayer and WB.

Never gets old saying this... "Why so serious?"
Never gets old saying this... "Why so serious?"

Maybe the image is an actual representation of the new portrayal of the infamous villain. Who knows? But if it is indeed a hoax, then it's a doozy! I personally am not at all opposed to the new look any more than I was opposed to Heath Ledger's unorthodox appearance as the Joker. Still, I can't help shake the feeling it's a joke. The new Batman looks like he was taken straight out of the page of comic book, so why shouldn't his arch nemesis follow suit? In any case, it is really funny seeing the memes pop up like dandelions in spring. There is also some speculation that the tattoos look photoshopped. I am not sure my eyes are trained for that sort of cryptic decoding. We'll see.

What do you think? Could it be a hoax? Could WB just be pulling the entire world's leg? Is the new Joker starting off with a BANG!!!!!!?


Is this Joker legit?


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