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This will be my very first real review.

I am one of the lucky few who lives in Australia, so I didn't have to wait until May 1st to see the masterpiece Avengers: Age of Ultron. I chose a 2D session, at 10am, so there weren't a lot of adults in the cinema... one might say, none.

I have been following the events of this film since they had something to follow. Every promo artwork, every trailer, every interview. I went out of my way to know a lot, before I entered the theatre.

The trailers and clips basically had small bits from either the very start (the raid on the castle) or the very end (the battle against the bots). Post-film, I am very thankful. I hate nothing more than seeing the best bits in the trailer. After the raid on the castle, I thought to myself "I have NO idea what's coming next".

So the laughs are mainly 'in-jokes', and the action is non-stop. I would recommend seeing Avengers before seeing this film, as you will need to understand things like the spear of destiny, Thanos, and the group dynamics.

From the very first moment of on-screen time, to the very last, you can tell they picked what needed to be seen, and had to leave out so much more (to keep to an acceptable run time, but honestly, I could have sat there for another hour and not have realized).

Best thing about Avengers: Age of Ultron... The Vision. (Spoiler)

There is a piece of dialogue between Ultron and The Vision at the end that went "You're doomed"
Vision returns with "I know I am"
Referring to the Soul Gem located on his forehead, and them both obviously knowing that Thanos is looking for them, and if he succeeds, he will die.
The beautiful thing with this conversation is Visions reply (something like) "It's a privilege to die". The fact he's not on anyones side, also makes me believe he is the perfect hero.

So the reason why I haven't given this review a 10/10 that I should have given it, is because now I have to wait until the Infinity Wars films to see Thanos finish what he started. That's all. Ant-Man will have to do in the mean time, then Civil War.

I'm going to go read what other people thought of the film, as I didn't want it to hinder my view and thoughts. Time to pollute my opinion!


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