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From the many teases and false hope of release dates, it seemed that fans of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fans would become members of the walking dead before the movie would ever be released. Based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, the movie has been in the works since December 2009, but has been stuck in a sort of production limbo. Filming finally began, however, September 14, 2014 and ran until November 21. Finally, after many of changing of hands by producers, directors and stars, Screen Gems has announced the release date of February 5, 2016 as of April 22.

There are many reasons that the release should not be changed any longer, and why the movie could do well at the box office.

It's a well known and beloved story.

Though it does come with a twist, Pride and Prejudice, which is what the novelization is based on, is considered one of the greatest love stories of all time. Most women have fallen in love with some form of Mr Darcy over the years, and this scabbard yeilding version should be no different. Not only will he be brooding, but also fighting off hoardes of zombies as well.

It is the perfect date night!

Just fan art using 2005 Darcy&Elizabeth
Just fan art using 2005 Darcy&Elizabeth

The release date being so close to Valentine's Day is ideal as well. Girlfriends can get their romantic love story, and boyfriends will enjoy the blood and gore of people getting eaten by zombies, not to mention the slaughtering of the zombies themselves, of which there is quite a bit in the novel. A little something for everyone.

Rose McIver in Izombie
Rose McIver in Izombie

Zombies are kind of a big deal right now

With The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies, and the CW's newest show iZombie, zombies are kind of unavoidable at the moment. While Warm Bodies and iZombie do humanize them, the novelization of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has them nothing but eating and killing machines. Which makes the Bennet sisters that much more impressive.

Shot from EW of the Bennet Sisters
Shot from EW of the Bennet Sisters

Girl Power

Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters have been trained their whole lives to be able to to take care of themselves and fight off the zombies, a plague that has been around England for many years now. They are all quite skilled, and while they do still hold many of the same traits as the original incarnations of their characterizations, they are a lot of tough cookies, particularly Elizabeth who is the best skilled of them all.

The casting is perfect

With the release of both Cinderella and Maleficant these past few months, both Lily James, already popular thanks to Downton Abbey, and Sam Riley are recognizable faces and could be made even more popular by the movie. Lily played a strong and independent Cinderella, which makes her the perfect Elizabeth, while Sam was able to hold his own alongside Angelina Jolie and have that quiet but very strong demeanor that would work well as Mr. Darcy.

And does Matt Smith really need that much of an introduction? He played the quirky 11th doctor on Doctor Who which is just gaining more and more popularity with every passing season. The oddball demeanor would well match the character of Mr. Collins, though I am sure that he would find himself wishing that he had a sonic screwdriver to help him defeat zombies. Ironically enough, though Mr. Collins doesn't get the girl in the movie, he and Lilly are dating.

This movie could end up being fantastic, bringing in new readers, and reminding us why we fell in love with Pride and Prejudice in the first place. And I, for one, cannot wait for the movie.

fan art created by me Elizabeth & Darcy
fan art created by me Elizabeth & Darcy

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is set to be released February 5, 2016


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