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So I really like Nightwing. He's one of the most well established heroes in the nonpowered section of DC's pantheon, if not in the whole thing. For those who aren't in the know about Nightwing, he's Dick Grayson, the first Robin, all grown up and taking on criminal underworlds all by his lonesome. Most often he's based in Blüdhaven, a city somewhere between Gotham and Metropolis, but he's set up shop in a lot of other places, including Chicago and New York City. At various times, he has served as the leader of the Teen Titans, the Outsiders and even the Justice League. When Bruce Wayne was believed dead, he even took over the Batman mantle.

Recently, as in yesterday, I picked up the Volume 1 compendium of the New 52 Nightwing comics, which included issues 1-7, entitled Traps and Trapezes. The story is amazing, the art is breathtaking and the character of Nightwing is on point. The volume was so good, I started thinking up ways to develop it into a standalone film, so without further ado, my idea for a Nightwing movie.

When Dick Grayson returns to Gotham City, he finds out that Haly's Circus, the traveling circus where he was born and lost his parents, is back in town. He reconnects with some of his old friends, specifically a young lady named Raya. He's on his way home when a contract killer known as Saiko attacks him. Two policemen distract Saiko long enough for Dick to change into his Nightwing suit and take him on. During the scuffle, Saiko reveals that he's hunting Grayson, who he claims is "the fiercest killer in all of Gotham." Saiko gets away, and Dick gets home and out of the costume just in time for Raya to show up needing to get to Atlantic City, and he takes her in the Wayne family jet.

When they arrive, Raya reveals that it was Dick that needed to be there, not her, because the circus' owner, C.C. Haly, was about to die. He talks with Haly , who gives him the deed to the circus and reveals that he knows about Dick's Nightwing identity. Shortly afterward, Saiko again attacks Nightwing, having found out about his secret identity.

At Mr. Haly's funeral, Dick is confronted by Bryan, Haly's son, regarding the deed to the circus. Dick ends up going on the road with the circus, trying to find out how Saiko ties back to it, and eventually returns to Gotham for a Flying Graysons Tribute show in honor of his parents.

Saiko attacks the tribute, battling Nightwing across the big top. Eventually, Dick pulls off Saiko's mask, uncovering the face of Raymond, a young man he had grown up with and who had disappeared shortly after the deaths of Dick's parents. Raymond had begged Dick to take him with him to Bruce Wayne's home, but it hadn't worked. He also reveals that every ten years, Haly's would present a crop of child athletes to an organization known as the Court of Owls, who would pick one to train as their Talon, an assassin. When Dick had gone to live with Wayne, the Court had chosen Raymond in his stead, and had then subjected him to horrible physical training, for which he blamed Dick. Nightwing eventually beats Saiko, putting an end to his relationship with Raya, who had been Saiko's accomplice, and also his travels with the circus. But it also leaves him with a million questions. Who are the Court of Owls? What did they want with him?

What do you guys think? Movie worthy or not? Let me know down in the comments, and if you have your own idea, let me know that too. Or, why not just write your own article about it? Apply to become a contributor and you can do just that!


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