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While Marvel's biggest film hasn't yet been released worldwide, it has in Asia and I was one of the many who got to see it. There was a lot of rivalry between X men and the Avengers because both the movies included Quicksilver and everyone expects this movie to blow our minds since The Winter Soldier set the bar so high. Sadly, this movie is underwhelming to say the least. No, you did not read that wrong, I did say underwhelming. Marvel has actually set the bar too high for Age of Ultron as it releases after movies like Guardians of the Galaxy which had a hysterical script and The Winter Soldier which had a compelling story and breath taking fight scenes

First off, since this movie is Joss Whedon's last Marvel flick, he clearly wanted to make it the best one so he squeezed in way too many characters and action sequences which compromised the story. There are way too many cameos of supporting characters from each Avenger's respective film which I found unnecessary. The movie has far too many fight scenes which are unimpressive as it's basically super heroes punching random people, unlike the brilliant choreography in The Winter Soldier. It felt like I was watching a Transformers movie where two giants robots just mindlessly beat each other up while the audience wonders who's who.

Carrying on Marvel's tradition this movie is an action comedy as well but the script contains way too many jokes which aren't impressive. Every 5 minutes someone says something that is just kinda funny and not as funny as the jokes in Guardians of the Galaxy so the jokes come off as just being unnecessary and immature.

Now for the story, the plot instantly picks up the pace leaving no room for Ultron to grow and intimidate the audience as he is instantly thrown into the scene. The plot also contains vibranium, the ultra rare metal which Cap's shield is made of, which is all of a sudden found in South Africa just for the plot's convenience. The Hulkbuster Vs Hulk fight scene was meh but basically felt like a diluted version of a Man of Steel fight scene. Lastly, I felt that Vision did not belong in this movie, the concept of Tony's AI, Jarvis being born again feels odd, I mean how would you feel if all of a sudden Siri becomes a super hero? Quicksilver isn't very impressive either, he's just a guy who can run faster than the average human speed rather than Quicksilver from Days of Future Past who stole the show which his blink and miss speed. Apart from all this once the Avengers are beaten by Ultron they retreat back to a home in the country side (This isn't a spoiler as Kevin Feige revealed the scene months ago) which doesn't really suit the characters, it would have probably seemed more relevant if they retreated to a secret bunker or something.

Bascially this movie makes it very evident that Marvel had no new ideas for their characters anymore and just threw them in together just to get it over with so they could carry on with Phase 3, this is probably the reason why we won't be seeing Iron Man 4 but instead new heroes will be getting movies.If you're a 10 year old who just wants to see a bunch of superheroes senselessly beat up robots then this is the movie for you. To sum it all up, this movie was just eye candy with no substance. I'd give it 2 stars out of 5.

I'm sorry if I have offended any Marvel fans because of my review, but I'm just stating my honest opinion.


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