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Is it me or does every write kill of Sean Bean's character? I mean, he's a really talented actor, but does his character ever live till the show or movie's end? If you don't believe me, here's some proof, in order of his deaths.

1. Caravaggio. (1986)

His first on-screen death was in the 1986 movie, Caravaggio, where his neck was cut with a knife, causing his death.

2. War Requiem. (1989)

He was killed for the second time in the no dialogue movie, War Requiem, with a bayonet.

3. The Field. (1990)

Sean Bean has died 21 times, and if you think being pushed over from a cliff by a herd of cows won't be there, you're dead wrong.

4. Clarissa. (TV Series 1991)

In the show, Clarissa, his cause of death was a sabre.

5. Patriot Games (1992)

The Patriot Games marked his fifth on screen death and boy was it not a beautiful sight. He was pushed upon a spike on a boat and then the boat exploded.

6. Lorna Doone (TV Movie 1990)

Even in TV movies. GOD! This time, he drowned in a river.

7. Scarlett (Mini Series 1994)

If you think that Sean Bean is gonna live till the end of a one season (4 episodes) mini series, you're definitely wrong. In Scarlett, he get's stabbed in his sleep.

8. Golden Eye (1995)

No Sean, no. You don't get to live through the classic James Bond movie. Instead, you get crushed by an exploding receiver.

9. Airborne (1998)

In this 1998 movie, Sean got shot.

10. Essex Boys (2000)

In the 2000 action movie, Sean, again get's shot in the head with a shotgun.

11. Don't Say a Word (2001)

I've not seen the movie, but from what I've heard, he gets buried alive in a grave.

12. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

If you think Sean won't die in a fantasy movie with hobbits and elves, you're goddamn wrong. In this movie, an Uruk Hai shoots 3 arrows into him.

13. Equilibrium (2002)

Again, dude what's wrong with you? I mean, he got shot in the head, like a million times.

14. Henry VIII (TV Movie 2003)

Another way of dying is to get yourself tied to a gate and be left there to starve to death.

15. The Island (2005)

In the Scarlett Johansson movie, Sean, again get's shot.

16.The Hitcher (2007)

I'm not gonna go into detail and just tell you he get's shot.

17. Outlaw (2007)


18. Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 (TV Movie 2009)

Get's shot, multiple times.

19. Ca$h (2010)

Shot in the head.

Black Death (2010)

This is something new. In Black Death, he gets dismembered by horses.

21. Game Of Thrones (TV Series 2011-)

For me, this is his most unnecessary death. I mean, the show literally got fans because of him. He was the real deal before the dragons and when the show did get famous, they killed him off.


So, which was his movie, TV movie or TV show was his most unnecessary death?


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