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When this picture of Jared Leto in his full Joker look hit the web yesterday, there was A LOT of fan backlash for how "Hot-topicy" it all looked.

But rest at ease Joker fans, it has since been revealed that this is NOT the final look for the joker. This was merely a publicity shot to celebrate 75 years of the Joker's character in the comics.

Gabriel Gray (No, not Sylar), an industry insider, had this interesting tweet to share that might perhaps calm the angry Joker fans:

Gabriel Gray via Twitter (@GBRIELGRY)
Gabriel Gray via Twitter (@GBRIELGRY)

And further proof to ease your fears would be the lack of tattoos in any of the on-set spy photos taken of Leto in Joker costume.

So there you have it. I suspect it won't be too long now before we get the final image of Leto's Joker, but for now we can all rest easy knowing that the our Clown Prince of Crime will not be inked

EDIT: Jared Leto just posted this pic to his Instagram account.

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How do you feel now after knowing Leto's Joker will not have the tats?


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