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So a couple of days ago I was on facebook when I noticed a cool little comic strip as a hint to the next episode of The Flash, but I also noticed something even more greater.... here it is:

So if you could read that, you noticed that our team has found Dr. Wells'/Eobard Thawne's private room, also discovering his A.I. assistant, Gideon. Barry converses with Gideon after she says some things to him. The one that really caught my eye was when she said "Of course, Barry Allen. Director of Central City Polics. CSI Division. Also known as The Flash, founding member of the Justice-" Gideon could not finish her sentence after being rudely interrupted by Barry, but I think we all knew what she was going to say. THE JUSTICE SOCIETY WILL EVENTUALLY EXIST.

Now the reason I say Justice SOCIETY is because I doubt they will introduce the Justice League, considering we're missing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman, unless they decide to make TV shows of them, but I highly doubt that (even though it would be fucking epic). I think this Justice Society will compose of: Firestorm, ATOM, Flash, possibly Vibe, maybe Arrow (though he is Ra's Al Ghul now), and maybe The Black Canary. But it could also just be a little Easter Egg so I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

What do YOU think?


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