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Hawkeye Is Awesome and Y'all will know it!

As you all know that The Avengers: Age Of Ultron has been released in some parts of the world and it is AWESOME!

And The Hawkeye made every other Avenger look like an amateur!To be honest I din't like Hawkeye that much until now. Hawkeye has the most best scenes and humorous as well.The Movie is full action packed.All along it was Iron Man and his bitches but now they came as a whole,as a team.As The Avengers!
As of ahead in this article,there are going to be many spoilers so if you don't like spoiler I'd suggest you may leave this post.

We've got our all the hints related to Planet Hulk!

Yes!It's absolutely right!Planet Hulk has been hinted at the near end of movie.Here's how: [Spoiler Alert]

At the near end Hulk is supposed enter one of those jets while Natasha is leading him ,Hulk then ends the call and sits there regretting,what happened in Africa,Later in the movie he's been located in space.

Black Panther's spoilers!

Ulysses Klause has an important role in the movie.Unfortunately he is the one who sold Vibranium to Ultron to help create Vision.But then our heroes find him.While back at The Avengers Tower,Dr.Banner and others researched on Ulysses and Bruce tells everyone that he's from 'Wakanda'!
Yay!Black Panther is going to join MCU soon but a cameo would've been freaking AWESOME!

And the worst spoiler of all time.Made me cry.

The Twins first cameoed in post-credit scenes of Captain America: The winter Soldier.After that I thought they might have bright and long future in MCU.But,unfortunately I was wrong.Grab a tissue box,you just might need one.

People were being loaded onto ships sent by Nick Fury after S.H.I.E.L.D was back in action.After Hawkeye went into one of them,he became aware that a child has been left out.He quickly goes to rescue.Unfortunately Ultron rode The Avengers' jet open fires at Hawkeye;carrying a kid,Quicksilver is present at the scenario.He saved two lives at a time and died due to injuries. :'(

Vision is awesome and stronger than any other Avenger!

Vision is seen as a God-like creature in the movie with the ultimate power which no hero has yet.And yes,he lifted The Mighty Mjolnir single handedly and everybody just stood there and looked at Thor.

Yep,this was my reaction.Totally.
Yep,this was my reaction.Totally.

So here comes the spoiler about vision:

Vision was supposed to be a new body in which Ultron was going to upload himself.Mind Stone was taken out of Loki's scepter and was fixed on Vision's head.Jarvis was uploaded into Vision by Tony and Dr. Banner.Then Cap and The Twins raided Tony's lab and ended up in a fight and Quicksilver ended the process of uploading Jarvis into Vision.Thanks to Thor his lightning power came in handy which resulted in Birth of The Vision.Vision actually was a vision of Thor.

This is my first article so please don't hate and forgive me for my not so good English.Do you even know how hard it is to learn,read,write and speaking fluent English for foreigners?Sorry.Hope you like it,I'm looking to write in future as well.


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