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Halo may not be the franchise we all knew when it was managed by Bungie, with the passing of the mantle from its original creators to 343 it arguably has lost it's magical touch that the original games used to have.

However that doesn't stop the ever increasing love from the fans that leads to increased expression of fandom in real life: cosplaying as real life spartans and covenant.

Cosplay itself increases in popularity every day and the division of halo cosplayers around the globe are constantly producing more and more epic videos. These range from the high profile videos that Impact Props have produced to the halo cosplay stunt videos produced by myself.

Impact Props takes a photo for their calender
Impact Props takes a photo for their calender

Now why have I started this article? Well I'm hoping to give YOU the chance to get involved, no matter how small the contribution. If you have already taken a peek, then you will know that I have already posted a good number of halo cosplay videos - ranging from the coverage of halo teams visiting the biggest conventions in the UK to crossing halo cosplay with parkour and other small stunts.

All you have to do is to give suggestions for any epic stunts you would like to see us spartans complete and I will do my best to see it happen. Hell, you may even choose to make a suit and do all this yourself!


What epic stunts would you like to see from halo cosplayers?


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