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If you haven't seen some recent episodes of The Flash, you have been warned I guess.

"Not god, Grodd."

Wow doesn't that send chills up your spine. Grodd in the comics has been known to be ruthless, smart, and tactical beyond belief. What sneak peaks we have gotten of him in the show have been amazing.

Although one thing I have been curious about is why Wells would be so bold, as he has never done anything like that before in the show. It is a very clever dynamic between the two.

Although the question still remains...

I'm always a few moves ahead of you.
I'm always a few moves ahead of you.

How will Wells play into this whole thing?

He clearly has a relationship with both the Flash and Grodd. To Grodd he is the reverse flash who saved him, and to Flash he is an elderly mentor, and friend.

My theory is that in the end he will swoop in and save the day by being the reverse flash. Even though he cares for Grodd he cares more about himself, and going back to the future so he would save the Flash.

Grodd is still kept in the shadows
Grodd is still kept in the shadows

Now another question arises. What is Grodd's skills?

He already has the power to communicate, and is immensely strong. I hope that he develops the power to inflict images into his victim's head thus knocking them off their game.

I hope he does that to the Flash, playing mind games to a point that Flash cannot handle them so the reverse flash must save him.

Grodd might even send him back 14 years to his mother's death, you never know.

Run b#$ch Run
Run b#$ch Run

We have already seen Grodd impose his visions onto the Flash on the t.v show the Justice League. Granted their is a huge difference between this Flash and that Flash but the principal is still intact.

But one question still remains, why would Grodd attack the Flash, feel free to answer in the comments.


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