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How? How can this be possible? It's simple, A love triangle.

Involving Caitlin, Ronnie, and one other person, there are a few options available if your wondering.

1) Cisco

Why not? They work together, and now that Firestorm is gone things could heat up between them, like for example in one of the Arrow episodes Cisco asks Caitlin out. If she accepts the offer it could lead to an interesting situation. What if Firestorm returns after a year or two. What would happen?

What if Firestorm becomes unstable, and attacks Cisco which would lead to Flash and Firestorm fighting it out?

2) Barry Allen

They both have claimed to each other that they are extremely lonely so why not make it happen. And after a year to two bring back Firestorm. This would lead to the most amazing and personal fight. If you will, it would be a fight, and the winner would get the girl.

I would love to see this play out.


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