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The Iron Fist series on Netflix, which is set to air in 2016, is about to get Stranger according to Bleeding Cool.

That means that Doctor Stephen Strange himself- Benedict Cumberbatch, (who by the way is no stranger to doing a TV series) may very well appear in the Netflix series based on Danny Rand, The Living Weapon: Iron Fist!

Iron fist!
Iron fist!

Now this makes sense because Doctor Strange has been a mentor of sorts to many heroes including Spider-Man and Iron Fist (and not to mention Doctor Strange was a founding member of the comic book version of The Defenders) so it is only fitting right?

Another thing to note: Iron Fist is the last solo "Hero of Hell's Kitchen" series before The Defenders' Mini-Series- so it also makes sense for the Sorcerer Supreme to get involved if... what I surmise is true, and the "Gate" spoken of by Stone and Stick in Daredevil's show is in fact about to "Open."

What Gate is this exactly? Well... It could be the Gate to the Mystical City of K'un Lun which only opens once every Ten years...

K'un Lun
K'un Lun

Or... It could be something far more Sinister, like let's say the Gate to the Dark Dimension of the Dread Dormammu?

Dormammu The Dread!
Dormammu The Dread!

Either way, the introduction of Doctor Strange on Iron Fist's show will help build-up interest in Strange's solo film which comes out in November of that year. It will help fill in much of the back story that an origin film usually has to devote one act to.

Hopefully Cumberbatch will appear physically and not just in Voice form with a shadowy body double like Blofeld did in the early Bond Films. that would be a cop out to say the least. Like I said Cumberbatch is a BBC TV veteran. If you've never watched his "Sherlock" series you really should.

Anyway, This addition of Doctor Strange to Iron Fist's show really has me interested now. I was already looking forward to his show with all the Easter-Eggs alluding to Iron Fist in Daredevil's Show. I still think that Steel Serpent: enemy of Iron Fist will be the main villain for much of that series. It was his symbol on the Heroin packets...

Steel Serpent!
Steel Serpent!

The history of Steel Serpent and Iron Fist will most likely be explored in Flashbacks of Danny Rand training in K'un Lun. Steel Serpent is furious because his Father: Lei-Kung, trains Danny and gives him the power of the Iron Fist and not Davos (Steel Serpent.) He feels robbed of his birthright and thus becomes the arch-enemy of Iron Fist.

It will be interesting to see to what extent Doctor Strange plays a part in Iron Fist's Series, but I am intrigued to say the least!

So what do YOU think?


What do you think of Doctor Strange appearing on Iron Fist's show?


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