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Jarrett Rives

Ok my big question is what the hell is going on with these movies i mean the first one was awesome. The second was good with some minor problems and the Fallen was just ridiculous so. The third was eh i liked the twist but Megatron using humans and them destroying Chicago um no. The fourth was just ugh there is no word for it , it was just another Mark Walhberg movie it was funny and the action was ok but i just think they went to far off the line with that one. Now here is how i think they could fix it this is what in my opinion would make it better.

  • #1 Less about the humans more about the Transformers I mean in every movie its the humans are the secret key or super important. I mean Mark Walhbergs made sense on why he was there he fixed Optimus. Sam in the first made better sense because his Great Grandpa found Megatron and what not. The other not really needed i mean Sam getting shocked by the shard and he can learn everything in a book in like 30 seconds was really not needed. Then he can only retrieve the Matrix of Leadership a human can only retrieve a Cybertron relic come on really. This is why i think we need new writers in Hollywood.
  • #2 More relics of Cybertron like the Star Sabre or the Chimera Stone they had relics and weapons of awesome power on both sides so why not have them in the movies. Even make new relics for the movies i mean something like have them find something only Megatron could us like the Requiem Blaster. I mean some of them can be left out but not all it would be cool just to see some of them on the big screen.

I have more but i think i want to turn this in to muti posts so if you liked share comment if not i dont care. Please check out my other posts if you like this one i hope you enjoyed thanks guys.


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