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Moviepilot, a company that has been booming every year. A company that gives social service about media in regards to television, movies, animation and video games. Reviews, theory's the sky's the limit, and that's great.

I remember liking Moviepilot in 2011, it was awesome. I was getting movie information faster than my friends would tell me. I was the go to movie guy because of how much information I knew and know. Thank you Moviepilot for that.

One day, Moviepiolt decided to open its doors to content creators, which at the time was a good idea because it allowed people such as myself to write what we liked and talk about our favorite subjects in regards to movies or genres or anything really. It allowed for people to have a creative output and opinions about movies and our thoughts on TV shows and anything in that subject.

However, when you open the gates uninvited guests wonder in...and it's annoying. Now I understand that this company can't just monitor every single article in the world because their are numerous articles and creators, I understand that. However, I find it very confusing when a company called Moviepilot is allowing articles that don't relate to any media at all to pass off as a "moviepiolt article."

I remember an article titled "Why do Heros wear masks", and gave a list that even third graders would scoff at, I know because I had my cousin whom at the time, attended the third grade and read the article. I quote,

Wow, why does this article exist? Only babies could relate, but they don't read. It's like the author thinks that kids don't understand the importance of anything.

I came across a quiz that would help you find what your sexual aura is. You'd think that'd be a Buzzfeed article or from Cosmopolitan, nope it's an article written by a Moviepilot creator. Seriously?! That has nothing to do with what Moviepilot as a company stands for, this is your company overview,

We're a social service for following news on upcoming movie projects and getting recommendations for projects you might be interested in. We're building the best movie community in the world, so come join in

Wow, that's an awesome overview, it really gives a good image of what Moviepiolt is. So I ask, why are articles that have nothing to do with media: TV, Movies, Comic's etc. and articles that are really, really stupid to even third graders being released and hosted on the main Facebook page?

Get your stuff together, Moviepilot. You could be above Buzzfeed! You're big brother may be more popular but you have integrity or at least I still hope you do.


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