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Movie's and I have a special kind of relationship. Also books are life.
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I myself have always been a tomboy, preferring a rude comedy to a cheesy romance flick BUT now and then I have felt the need to de stress and watch a lighthearted chick flick like many girls I know. They may not be my favorite genre of movie but in recent years I have noticed the severe importance of them for teen girls and guys alike.

Their are many reasons for this so i'll jump right in.

Social expectations of women have really been effected by these kinds of films, a lot of women will watch something like 'Mean Girls' and see the popular, hot bodies of the 'Plastics' and aspire to look like this. 1. Mean Girls quite blatently joke about these expectations, in fact, the whole film is kinda about breaking from it. I know a lot of people when watching this film as a teen will say, 'Oh my gosh, Janice was so funny and has great witty lines'. Janice is the social outcast with an extreme taste in gothic. I think this is great because she doesn't fit the bill for the plastics, showing girls everywhere you can be totally cool even if you don't look like a young Lindsey Lohan. 2. The jokes about how the plastics only wear pink on Wednesdays and can never wear jogging bottoms is a chick flick classic, but it makes fun at the similar silly rules teens everywhere are pressured into. Making it something to laugh about, not something to be taken seriously by any young girl. 3. Did everyone see the scene in the main hall where the girls are meant to be letting out their frustrations? Yeah course you did, because we all giggled at it. By doing so, again we have taken the seriousness out of the silly social issues we feel, realizing that actually they are just joke worthy. One last thing is that actually, a lot of the newer chick flicks are starting to have different sized female leads that aren't necessarily model shaped, proving to young girls you can look however you like and still be successful.

Thankyou for informing us all.
Thankyou for informing us all.

An Education. Chick flicks are one of the biggest subconscious educations a teen girl is likely to get. For example, the kind of expectations to have of your friends. We all have ups and downs with our friends as shown in "Easy A" when main girl Olive falls out with her best friends Rhiannon because of slut shaming. All of us were like 'You Bitch she didn't even do anything' right? Exactly, we unconsciously learned that when things are going down with your mates, maybe, just maybe their is an underlying cause or issue that hasn't been shared, so to be a good friend we should look a little deeper, just in case. Plus we saw how far Olive went to help her Gay BF out of a difficult situation. Now to me that is true friendship, you'd do anything for them right, but the realization is, you have to be careful because you don't know the consequences it could have on you. Another educational message brought through chick flicks is, especially in Easy A, you don't want to just hook up with a guy because he likes how you look, you want someone that likes who you are inside too. Many girls will be thinking right now that that's stupid, I like hooking up with guys regardless, but lets face it, when you see a girl in a chick flick getting with the wrong guy, your like 'Noooo, he's not the one, the other guy's the one', so why don't you feel that way about yourselves? We also learn things like how being a bitch doesn't work in your favor, you may think that it's funny or cool bitching about other people, but in real life these people rarely have to suffer the consequences of it, so never really know how much they've effected someone, so chick flicks show how hard it effects the victim and why it's so wrong.

Life expectations. A lot of young women have watched 'The Devil Wears Prada'...and they have seen sweet, innocent Andy be changed and molded by what she currently deemed as an amazing opportunity of a job. Unfortunately, she grows to hate the person she becomes and finally (spoiler alert) see's sense and ditches the job. Even though Andy thought that she would be great at her job and love it etc etc, it didn't work out for her, but that's okay, a lot of times in life we will be led down paths that we think look amazing but turn out to be not so great, the disappointment we can feel often leads to different paths. A life lesson we all need to learn that if something doesn't feel right to you, don't do it. Also that things change, people change and it's okay if you swap your path now and then, your not a failure, you just didn't know what you truly wanted. We have also seen how rude and arrogant a lot of the women are towards Andy in the magazine office, unfortunately, this happens a lot, whether it's women or men, and we are often judge by how we look. This is now unfortunately a simple fact of life. But seeing from Andy's view, how unfair those girls are on her, as a teenage girl, you can see that it doesn't matter what she looks like, their just being bitches and we shouldn't take it personally, they are probably just jealous any way. Plus not everyone is going to like you in life, you can suck up to them all you want but sometimes it's just not going to happen, so stop wasting your time on those people and make more time for the people that really care about you.

Bullying. A lot of young women and men face the unyielding horror of bullying in day to day activities, especially school. I know when I was being bullied at school, I always had one film that i'd go too to make me feel better and give me courage. St Trinians. I remember when the movie first came out, loads of people rushed to see it, it was filled with witty humor and inspirational quotes and cool fashions that made loads of girls want to be a St Trinian. For those that don't know, St Trinians is the rough school in the neighborhood that holds all the outcasts from every other school nearby, local government threaten to close it so St Trinians find a way of fighting back. One thing I can remember when watching this movie was that a lot of the girls are brutally harsh to each other in it, like the chavs and the emos, but they take it on the chin and just keep going, and when they need each other, they all band together. A lot of the types in St Trinians are out there and definitely a bit weird, but those people were essential to saving the school. So as a bully victim, when I watched it, I thought, okay so a lot of bitches are being horrible BUT It doesn't matter to me, i'm cool in my own right. I felt strong and funny and even pretty awesome when I saw people similar to myself on the movie, fighting back against their oppressors. This definitely made me feel like I could do the same. St Trinians also highlights the way society segregates people into stereotypes: Emos, Chavs, Posh Totties, Geeks, Hippies etc, which is totally wrong, but we see how each of these different people have something to bring to the table, and are of equal importance. Also I love the bit when Annabelle comes into her own, musters her courage and gets Verity back for all of her bullying crimes. This made me feel awesome.

Emotional Outlet. I know myself and some of my friends often watch Chick Flicks as an emotional outlet, to laugh, to cry, to kick butt. But in recent years, these movies have brought people together, their are fandoms for them, their are people that meet each other because they laugh at the same things. This to me is great, I know that whenever I feel like crap, I will watch a chick flick, probably the house bunny, with my best mate and suddenly i'll be cackling away at the issues that i'm probably facing.

Thanks for reading...I know their are loooooads of amazing points about chick flicks but here are just a few. If you want to read more, please like/share/follow!!!




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