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Hello. My name is Akari. Akari Kekse. Today I want to talk about a series of videos and testimonies about a paranormal subject that have left me without words . . .

Several years ago, I found the following video online. I have to say that it is very shocking and that I haven't been able to find a rational explanation to these bizarre events . . .

I have to ask: How it is moving? Why? Is there a trick behind it? Is this a hoax? Is this real?

This one is particularly unsettling. Look at his legs. The movement is extremely natural . . .

Some people say that these dolls, known as Elves, have a life of their own. Some others say, that they are possessed by good entities, elementals, tied to nature. But there are those who claim that they evil, perverse and extremely dangerous, and that they should be destroyed.

The dolls

You can buy these strange looking toys in several stores all across the world and online; they are particularly known in Mexico, Spain and South-America. They don't have per se the ability to move or to interact, for that, you need to perform a magical ritual.

This invocation must be performed at night, under the light of a full-moon. You will summon a spirit of nature, an elemental, and will ask him to be your friend, to be your protégé. It will inhabit your doll, and it will remain in there forever . . .

The experts in the subject claim that, if you love and care about them, they will love you back, and will be even willing to protect you with their own life. But, on the other hand, if you mistreat them, or nourish them with negative energy or perverse thoughts, they will react to it, and they will become evil entities that will enjoy hurting you and those close to you . . .


There are multiple testimonies of people who have or had possessed one of these dolls. One person claims that her elf moves in the middle of the night. Once, she left it inside her closet and in the next morning, the door was open and the doll was sitting in another position. In fact, it is common knowledge among the owners of these beings, that they will move on their own, and that strange things will happen in their houses. Things will disappear. Doors will be open. Lights will be turned off.

Another interesting testimony, is the one of a girl who asked her elf to keep away from her guys with bad intentions. She had been talking with a boy for over 4 months, and he, suddenly, cut all communications with her. She suspects that her elf has something to do with that. It was protecting her . . .

But not everything is rainbows and butterflies. A woman claims that she possessed, several years ago, one of these creatures. She started to have terrible nightmares, so she, thinking that the Elf was the culprit, decided to give it away. She gave it to his brother, but this one, returned it back. She put it in a black bag and left it outside a church. She says that since then, her life has been miserable. She lost her boyfriend, things aren't going well, she felt the bad vibes and the bad dreams returned. She blames the elf . . .

According to Mexican authorities, these toys, "produce pathological manifestations in children and teenagers. Among others: sleep disorders, anxiety, night terrors, eating disorders, poor school performance, insecurity and aggression."

If you have had experiences with one of these beings, good or bad, please let me know in the comments section below. Also, if you have a rational and logical explanation about why they seem to move in their own, I would love to hear it.

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