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I've watched tons of horror movies, it's my favorite genre, so a horror blog just seems to make sense
Shad Allen Scott


So the other night I'm aimlessly scrolling through Netflix, and I just happen to notice a film in the Documentary section, which I don't go to very often at all. The film was entitled KILLER LEGENDS, and with my love of horror films, the word 'killer' causes me to take notice. I clicked on it and read the description: "Two researchers go searching for the true stories behind urban legends". At that point it definitely had my attention.

So I started watching it and something was very familiar about it, as though I'd seen it before. All these shots of a long defunct building covered in spray paint and graffiti art. Even the voice of the narrator was familiar. I started wondering if I had already seen this film. Then the narrator started talking about a person called Cropsey, and it suddenly clicked.

Several months ago, I watched a documentary called Cropsey about two researchers trying to get to the truth of the matter about a true incident that matched old urban legends they had heard as kids. At this point I felt defeated because I thought it was just a re-titled CROPSEY, but I kept watching anyway.

Thank goodness I did, because moments later the narrator (the director of CROPSEY) started talking about the film's purpose was to uncover the truth behind four urban legends: The man with the hook; Tainted Halloween candy; Dead babysitter/The call is coming from inside the house; and evil clowns.

In each of the four cases, they found actual true stories that are closely tied in with the urban legend. I'm not going to go to deep into it because I want you to experience the firstness of it all. That said, I really, really, really, liked this documentary. Intriguing, unflinching, relevant. I loved it and I think you might love it too. While you're at it, watch CROPSEY too. It's also damn good.


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