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A staple among superhero films is the mystery quality that these heroes possess. While we as viewers know who the men behind the masks really are, they insist in keeping their identities secret to the world around them. With the exception to a few Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Captain America, most heroes try to keep up their identities unknown.

Spider-Man has been one of my favorite heroes since Sam Raimi's film in 2002. That movie was really the spark of my superhero obsession. It wasn't until that movie that I started reading comics and watching X-Men and The Avengers. When I heard about a reboot after Spider-Man 3 flopped, I was interested in the idea. When I finally watched The Amazing Spider-Man, I loved it, but I couldn't help but think that Peter did a terrible job of covering up his wall-crawling, web-slinging alter ego.

"You want this back? BTW I'm Spider-man!"
"You want this back? BTW I'm Spider-man!"

One of Peter's first slip-ups was when he challenged Flash (no, not The Flash, this is Marvel, not DC) in the scene with the basketball. Sure, his reflexes are believable when he's taunting Flash with the ball, but when Flash, a popular athlete, can't pry the ball from Peter's grasp, that should send up some red flags. Just to add icing to the cake, Peter spider-jumps up to the net and dunks it, completely obliterating the net and backdrop.

Okay, just to start things off, nobody can jump as high as he did in that scene. Even if they could, how was he not noticed by the basketball team? They would never lose a game with legs like those!

Also, the fact that a single dunk shattered the backdrop and sent it crashing down shows the room that he has incredible strength, superhuman strength in fact. The gym was pretty full too. Along with the basketball players, there were many people in the stands. You would think that someone would be able to put two and two together after seeing Spider-Man in action when the Lizard attacks the school.


Don't even get me started with the whole Gwen ordeal. In the original Spider-Man trilogy, Peter Parker did all that he could to prevent Mary Jane Watson from learning about his superhero identity. She only found out when his mask was ripped off of his face at the end of Spider-Man 2.

In The Amazing Spider-Man, they went a completely different route. Instead of MJ, we were introduced to Gwen Stacy, who I ended up liking a lot better. They went about things in more or less the same way. Peter awkwardly went about his way into an eventual relationship with her, but on their first date, their very first date, he revealed himself to be Spider-Man by using one of his web-shooters to draw her in during the balcony scene.

Sure, go ahead and tell the girl that you've been on one date with. It doesn't matter that her dad is the police chief and is currently looking to arrest him. Oh, and speaking of Captain Stacy...

Strike a pose!
Strike a pose! you remember this scene in The Amazing Spider-Man? Peter is taken down during the Lizard's rampage in New York, and his mask is taken off by the cops before he goes all spider-ninja in order to prevent them from seeing his face. He ultimately fails, and Captain Stacy forces him to reveal himself by pointing a gun at him. Peter tells the Captain that Gwen is at Oscorp and that they have to go save her, so Captain Stacy lets him go.

But what about the other cops on the scene? The vigilante that they have been tracking for a long time has just been unmasked in front of them. Have they all suddenly taken an oath of silence just because he has to go save the Captain's daughter? So not one of those police officers went back to their families and said "Guess what? I found out who Spider-Man was today!" And what about the other pedestrians on the streets? Did they not see Peter's face either? Or are they also keeping quiet for no apparent reason?

She knows Peter. SHE KNOWS!
She knows Peter. SHE KNOWS!

So a giant mutant lizard-man is wreaking havoc across New York and Peter hasn't returned home yet. That gives Aunt May a good reason to worry. Even when the police order a city-wide evacuation, Peter is still nowhere to be found. However, when the battle comes to a close and everything is under control, then Peter comes home, battered and bruised with cuts all over him.

Is the movie really trying to make us believe that Aunt May is an idiot? Obviously if Peter comes home with bleeding cuts and scratches all over himself after a giant-lizard attack, he has encountered said lizard. And since she was watching the news, she should know that Spider-Man was fighting the Lizard. So two plus two equals... cranberries? No, two plus two equals Peter Parker is Spider-Man. I'm pretty sure that Aunt May can do basic Math.

Even if she had her suspicions then, what about in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when she confronts Peter about his laundry. In the scene, she says that the last time he did his own laundry he turned everything blue and red. Blue and red. Hmmmm, wasn't there a masked vigilante roaming around wearing those exact colors?

Last but not least, we have that memorable scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Electro is making some trouble and Spidey wants to go fight him without Gwen being in danger, so he webs her to a car. She yells out "Peter!" and then muffles herself with her other hand once she realized what she just said.

Yes, I understand that the scene was meant for comic relief, but seriously? There are people everywhere, running around scared on the streets, and they saw you yell "Peter!" at Spider-Man as he flung away. Funny or not, you just let dozens of people know his first name. Not a good move Gwen, not a good move.

What did I miss? The scene where Peter dents the field goal with a football? The subway scene where he first realizes his powers? Tell me in the comments below or become a Creator and write your own post about it!


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