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I like these kind of questions and I've never created a post here, so I decided this would be my first.

So, the world is being invaded by aliens. And no, not the Chitauri (or however you spell it) but nasty, ugly, ruthless aliens all led by Thanos himself and his Infinity Gauntlet. And you, you're in charge of bringing together a team of SEVEN heroes or reformed villains in order to stop him once and for all. So who do you choose to save the world, and potentially the universe?


1. Your team can be comprised of Marvel and DC characters, with the exception of TWO reformed villains.

2. NO Thane. NO ultrapowered entities that can reverse reality or alter it in anyway, I'm talking to you Scarlet Witch.

3. You must state who's leading the team and the reason you chose each member.

4. Be creative and have fun with this, we can turn this into a pretty big discussion! :)

5. Respect other people's choices. No bashing.

And without further talky talk and what not, I present to you....The League of Avengers (that was my super corny way of mashing together Justice League and Avengers lol)

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

You knew it was coming....admit it.
You knew it was coming....admit it.

I chose Batman for a few reasons, one of them obviously being he's one of the greatest comic book heroes ever created and no one can disagree with that, even Marvel fanboys. But also because he is always one step ahead and never goes out without a Plan A, B, C, D, etc. etc. And with enough time, he can virtually beat anyone with the right resources. Think about it: Who's a better leader than him other than Cap and IM? Exactly my point. Moving along.....

Iron Man (Tony Stark)

A second billionaire? What could go wrong? Wait....
A second billionaire? What could go wrong? Wait....

The billionaire, playboy, philanthropist... Mr. Stark. Tony Stark has to be one of the most brilliant minds in both the MCU and DCU. He has access to thousands of weapons. Like a zillion Iron Man suits. And plus with him, you get the Iron Legion, so that will definitely be a plus in fighting off an army of gruesome aliens and Thanos. I long for the day DC and Marvel team up for fun so we can see him and Batman together...which will never, ever happen. But hey, don't give up just yet!

The Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Do I really need to explain why?
Do I really need to explain why?

I mean, come on, who WOULDN'T want the Hulk on their side? The guy could probably take out the army by himself if it came down to it. His strength is immeasurable and Banner may even have a higher IQ then both Bruce and Tony combined, but hey that's a whole other discussion.

The Vision

Probably one of my newer favorite heroes after seeing AoU the other day. The Vision is a synthetic android that is very much human. Seeing him fight for everything that he is and technically isn't at the same time in a situation with like this, would be extraordinary.

The Flash (Barry Allen)

The speedster of all speedsters. The definition of fast. The embodiment of the Speed Force. The fastest speedster EVER (I believe, I'm not too canon on comics lol). With the Speed Force, he's virtually unstoppable and won't be an easy target for the invasion of Thanos. I'd pick him over any speedster in both the DC and Marvel universes. I mean, it's Barry Allen, come on lol.

Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

We gotta have the comic relief, right?
We gotta have the comic relief, right?

It was inevitable. Spider-Man is literally my comic book hero other then Batman himself. He has genius intellect, always has a positive outlook on life, lighthearted, can make anyone laugh (they're going to need a bit of comic relief for this) and when he's pushed into a corner he ALWAYS finds a way out. I mean the guy helped beat Thanos already, so why not?

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)

The world's greatest assassin.
The world's greatest assassin.

I chose Deathstroke as my reformed villain simply because he's Deathstroke. He's genetically engineered to surpass all human limitations. AND HE'S A FREAKING ASSASSIN THAT CAN USE 90% OF HIS BRAIN!!!! I also chose him because I like to think that he thinks he is the only one that can kill Batman and wouldn't have it any other way. Enemy of an enemy sort of situation.

So there you have it! My personal team of supers to stop Thanos and his army of gruesome aliens. Who would you choose? Make a separate post or comment below!


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