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Okay, we all know that the arrow/flash spin-off show (reportedly called Legends) has got it's whole cast together, however what they haven't told us who Franz Drameh (above) is playing. So far we have A.T.O.M, Firestorm (kind of), Original Canary (probably), Hawkgirl, Rip Hunter, and both Captain Cold and Heatwave (likely as villains). So far we have been given possible characters to fill this last spot like Cyborg, Static, Black Lightning, Blue Beetle or even Wally West. I don't think so, mostly because:

Cyborg will probably be saved for the films.

Wally West will be in Flash, not the spin-off.

Blue Beetle is basically the same as A.T.O.M

And the others aren't that high profile, and the way the producers are holding onto this secret, it's got to be someone with high name recognition. However, couldn't it be... THIS!

John Stewart, green lantern. I think that the DC films will go with Hal Jordan, at first anyway, and this leaves the beloved John Stewart for the CW to play with. Let's look at disadvantages and then advantages.


- He's a major character, who you think would need his own show.

- It's a huge new style of power for the shows to deal with.

- Would they really be allowed?

- The flash easter egg last week in coast city, with a ferris airlines billboard, points much more towards Hal Jordan.


- We know from last weeks episode of the flash that the justice league forms, in some style, in this universe before here

- He is a major character not being used, and it makes sense to not reveal him just yet if it is him.

- If they throw in aliens and space, it opens up a wide world of villains which require teams of superheroes to take them on.

- Screw that, if Supergirl is in fact in the CW universe, then they have to have aliens, it makes sense to introduce the official police corps for the universe.


Should John Stewart be in the spin-off?


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