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I'll be the first to admit that the 2011 Green Lantern film failed to live up to my expectations. While the story covered the bases for what needed to be told to introduce the Green Lantern Corps to the movie-going public it lacked the sense of urgency and danger which is needed to keep action films rolling.

With talk of a reboot to the series though, I shudder. We already have the story's beginning in place, even if it wasn't a wonderful one, and to now go back and pretend that it didn't happen would be a waste of the material they already have. Why do we need to reboot when we can just scrape up the ashes and forge them into a diamond?

It may be a challenge, and sometimes I worry that the modern film industry sees that as a dead end, but a sequel building on the events we've already seen gives the opportunity for more depth and growth than simply throwing away what we have in order to replace it with something different.

To be honest, the thing which scares me the most about the term 'reboot' is the thought that we're going to end up having to sit through a rehash of the same origin story backdrop which comic book fans already know and movie-goers don't really care about. Having a character with the powers and the ability to use them, and building the character from there, rather than using the same 'tried-and-tested' coming of age format we've seen too many times already for me seems to have far more potential.


Should Green Lantern be rebooted, or should they make a sequel?


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