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Corporate and Box Office

Last month the Dreamworks hit movie "Home" hit theaters. Raking in about 299.1 million dollars in box office. It was a top-chart animation hit for children but.... what really went into the film?

Originally the film started animation in 2011. The original title was "Happy Smekday" but later changed to "Home" in 2012. From their they announced the cast.

The release was changed multiple times because complications to many of the scenes. It was released about four months later than originally planned.

The film itself has a rating of about 5.5/10.

The Actual Film

Everything turns out well. Very cheesy. Tip finds her mom. Oh is beloved as a Boov hero. (Basic alien, human children flick.)

Thats the opening trailer for Home but lets get more in depth.

So in the beginning the is Oh. He is different from his race of alien, the Boov. They have an ancient enemy named the Gorg.

The General of the Boov was invited to a peace party with the Gorg but ran away in fear. When he was running away a rock fell and he took it with him. He named it "The Shusher" This created the tension between the Boov and the Gorg.

On the run from the Gorg, the Boov take over the world and send all the humans to "Humanland", which is located in Australia. Tip ends up not being caught and goes on the run. Her mom was taken by the Boov.

Oh likes to party and have fun. The rest of the Boov find it repulsing. Oh tries to send an invite to his "friend" Kevin but accidentally sends it to all of the galaxy. Including their enemies, the Gorg. Due to the fact that Oh has made his 62nd mistake he is in risk of being erased.

On the search for her mom she runs into the fugitive Boov, Oh. Oh promises to help Tip find her mom, even though he is planning on going to Antarctica. He tries to leave her behind multiple times.

After stopping the email to the Gorg, Oh runs and flees with the rest of the Boov. Leaving Tip to find her mom herself. While on the mother ship of the Boov, Oh realizes his mistakes. He explains before he is erased.

The Boov make him their new general. They turn the Shusher over to Oh. When Oh receives the Shusher he notices something about the rock.

He twists the top and sees that it is the whole next generation of Gorg.

With the Gorg coming to Earth to find the rock, Oh takes the Boov back to Earth. He finds Tip and keeps his promise. Tip is finally reunited with her mother.

After the reunion, Oh still has work to do. He meets up with the last Gorg left. He gives the generation to him.

Soon the everyone in the galaxy is living in peace with each other.

My Opinion

All in all, I found the movie very funny and easy to follow in the plot. There could be multiple changes in the plot or development in the story but was a very consistent and great film.


What's your view on Home?


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