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Imagine if you will, a crowd of people screaming and hollering. The stage dimly lit so only some instruments are visible as smoke begins to roll onto the stage, and the guitar music starts. The excitement bubbles over in the pit of your stomach and begins to cause the urge to scream along with the crowd which is only growing louder with each note struck on the guitar being joined by drums, and bass. Then the vocals start and the entire crowd loses it like this is t he last song they will ever hear. Sounds amazing right? Critical Bill can have that affect on people.

So here is my new thing, I really want to bring some light to some of the lesser known or local bands. First one on my list? Critical Bill (pictured above) who is a local band to the Detroit, Michigan area. In a short while I will have an interview from them to post up here, but until then, I figured I would get started with a small article on them and their music.

I believe the first song they had was "Beam me up" which I could very well be wrong, but I am pretty confident that is their first song that has a corresponding music video (Viewable on This band mixes rap, some rock, and amazing vocals together to come up with their unique sound. The entire air of the band members ,which consist of Bryan Davis, Micheal Scott, Phil Thacker, and Dan Lewis, is relaxed and very down to earth. Their songs which have a variety of flavors, are all (in my personal opinion) considerably the most inspirational that I have heard in a while. Check them out on youtube.

Keep an eye out for an update on this article, I will be adding the interview Q&A here.


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