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Elliott Mair

Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Just like the rest of the Internet. All the talks about The a Force Awakens and the Anthology films have got me really excited. Star Wars celebration was great ( I only got to see the live stream) and I will got to London for Star Wars celebration 2016! The reason I'm most excited is that Star Wars is now more accessible to the public than ever before with fans directing films and building props for the films. Disney and Lucas film have put a lot of faith in fan community and unknown, small time directors. This has inspired me to start a fun project of my own which is write a screenplay for a Star Wars film. The film is called Star Wars: Ainchent and I will describe the plot to you. It's a little strange and I know not everyone will be on board but you should consider it as I think it will grow on you.


Set four hundred years after the decline of the empire, a new separatist movement of Sith Lords and apprentices wage war against the new found republic. An all out galactic war ensues in which every galaxy is practically wiped out. With the Jedi numbers depleting, they plot to send a Jedi to the only planet left that can sustain life. Earth. The Sith catch on and send their own Sith Lord to earth to destroy the Jedi before he can rally an army.
Whilst there, the Sith launches a series of attacks on the city of London, using his force powers. The Jedi is discovered by a group of young friends. The ageing Jedi trains a new army of earth bred jedi's to use a lightsaber before engaging in an all out battle with the deadly Sith Lord resulting in a final war for earth and the galaxy as we know it.

Further details

I have no idea if this is a comic book or already existing piece of Star Wars lore. If it is, I'm sorry and I'm annoyed because I came up with this. I'm going to continue writing this screenplay with no intentions of it ever being made so my ideas will be very grand. I'll keep everyone updated and you may get a sneek peaks of a fan's ultimate attempt to bring Star Wars to the fans. May the force be with you, always.


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