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As all of you know, the release of the brand new Avengers film is upon us. Sorry USA, but we got it first! The superhero spectacle is set to be Marvels most successful film yet, already smashing past the $1 billion mark overseas and receiving plaudits from critics left, right and center.

However... There is one place where the Avengers won't be assembling!

Theaters in over 193 small towns in Germany are boycotting the film, and will refuse to screen them. In total, this has led to the absence of Ultron on 686 screens .

The reason?

Well, as always it comes down to money. German site Deutsche Welle have reported that local, small cinema owners are outraged at the recent announcement from Disney, who are upping the fee from 47.7% of ticket sales to a 53%. Additionally, to add insult to injury, Disney is cutting its advertising spend and are no longer providing advances on 3D glasses.

Sure this doesn't seem to unreasonable to those of who aren't involved in the business side of things. With such a massive blockbuster film, surely the cinemas will stick make a profit? Well... Karl-Heinz Meier, spokesman for advocacy group I.G. Nord, had this to say to DW:

"We are worried, particularly about eastern Germany. When prices go up, then we have a serious problem that could force movie theaters to close."

Andreas Kramer from the Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater, an industry lobby group, had even harsher words for the Disney CEO's:

"Approaching the industry with these conditions is fully unusual and, for me, a scandal,"

The last thing we want to see as lovers of cinema and flms, is the closer of any movie theater! Hopefully Disney can resolve the situation and Marvel fans in Germany can get to a screening of the Joss Whedon-directed film.


Are YOU going to see Age of Ultron?


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