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I have a lot of things that i could write about anime, superheros, movies, and sooo much more! i'm super excited!
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a superhero as your boyfriend or girlfriend? I have! I always thought if it was just me wondering what it would be like to be in relationship with batman, super man, or whoever i have a crush on.

Of course i get that will never happen. Unless the actors who plays as the superhero in movies suddenly comes out of no where in costume, and confess there undying love for a random person they never meant. But a girl can only dream an fantasies right?!

So lets start!

10. Green Arrow

Who wouldn't want him to rescue you with his arrows!

9. Green Lantern

John Stewart

I've always been a fan of John Stewart, since i grew up with him as the green lantern.


Let's hope the Flash isn't  fast in all respects
Let's hope the Flash isn't fast in all respects

Who wouldn't want a red head that runs super fast as a boyfriend? just hope he doesn't use the excuse of running late while were on a date.


Every since young justice and being in flashpoint. I would always look for him along side Aquaman.


5. NightWing

Nightwing would not wanna be your bit on the side!
Nightwing would not wanna be your bit on the side!

Even as Robin in Teen titans, i've alway had a little of a crush on him. An now as Nightwing jus icing on the cake!~

4. Deathstroke

Who wouldn't want an secret assassin as there boyfriend?

3. Martin Manhunter

Martin has the smarts, and the body to match. But i like more how he is quiet and takes the time to know people. I don't think me and him would have a tough time getting a long.

2. Batman

Even though there are a lot of fans over batman, i have to say i am one of them. and can you blame me! I mean he can do everything superman can do, and still beat superman!

1. AQUAMAN!!!!!

I've always been a huuudge fan of Aquaman !!!

While everyone is in love with superman or batman, I'd go with the guy who no one would expects. Also his love for animals and his kind just warms up my heart. Even in the movie flashpoint, were he basically took over the world and shows how sexy he can be, i do daydream about him when i watch him (guilty!)

i would go under the sea with him any day of the week! if you know what i mean...

i mean after we married an such... but you get the idea!


Whose you crush out of the five?


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