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Its been five years since the remake of a A Nightmare On Elm Street was released. For better or for worse, a sequel hasn't been released yet. And as far as we know there aren't any plans for one either. But just because the last movie wasn't up to par with the usual quality of the Elm Street movies, doesn't mean the franchise is bound to stay on that level of inferiority. And I believe that to such a degree, that I've thought of three different directions the franchise could go in successfully.

1. Reboot

Since reboots are popular within the Horror universe, (and very successful), a reboot would be a great way to get the Elm Street franchise back on track. By completely erasing the memory of the last installment and creating a new Freddy, would recapture the attention of loyal fans like myself. Most say Robert Englund can't be replaced as Freddy Krueger, and I agree. But I also think there is potential for the character to be portrayed in a way similar to how Englund made him out to be. So I definitely don't think the character of Freddy Krueger isn't gone forever. Do You?

2. Television

From A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3
From A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3

Well the Nightmare movies already had a television show back in the 80's. But after a while it didn't make much of an impression. I think an updated version would be a great way to start the franchise back on the right path. But then again it depends on which network would be willing to have a show like this under them. AMC obviously doesn't mind the violent nature of some of its successful television shows like The Walking Dead. So if an Elm Street series were to be created and put under AMC or maybe even Netflix, that would open up a major door for the franchise. Maybe it would even crossover with the Friday The 13th television show, how cool would that be?

3. Crossovers

What better way to bring back Freddy than having him show up in a Friday The 13th flick? or a Halloween movie one day? Having Freddy make his rounds at Camp Crystal Lake would not only get the ball rolling for another Freddy vs Jason movie. But also another Freddy movie. It would build the hype teasing Freddy in a Jason or Michael Myers movie. And make his solo movie that much more anticipated.

Do YOU agree with this list?


In Which Way Would YOU Want To See Freddy Make His Comeback?


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